7 Must-Haves for Every NFL Fan on Game Day

Among the significant sports events of the year, NFL games draw huge crowds of fans ready to cheer, wave banners, and show their team spirit. It makes for a great experience that no fan should miss. But, to truly enjoy the experience and ensure you’re ready for whatever may come your way, you should know what to bring on game day.

Going unprepared and having to buy something on-site can add up, so make sure you have these seven must-haves before you attend the next NFL game:

Bet Money

Your NFL experience will only be complete with a bet. Before the game, make sure you have enough money to bet on your favorite team or player with friends or fellow fans. You can even keep tabs on the NFL betting odds to ensure you know who the favorites are and whether or not to go in on a particular bet.

If you need to get more familiar with NFL odds, don’t worry. You can look online or read up to understand the basics. But, like any betting situation, keep track of how much money you invest to avoid overspending. You can also look into unique betting options like props or parlays to get more out of your wagers. The more you know, the better your betting experience will be.

Team Apparel

Show your support for your favorite team with official gear like jerseys, hats, and other clothing items. Not only is it a great way to show your team spirit, but you’ll also look the part of a true NFL fan. You can even have custom shirts made with your favorite players’ names and numbers on them so you can feel extra special.

And if you need help deciding what type of apparel to get, you can always opt for a classic t-shirt with the team logo. That way, you can be sure that whatever game-day outfit you choose will still show everyone which team you’re rooting for.

Snacks and Drinks

NFL games can last for hours, so you’ll want to ensure you have snacks and drinks to keep you going. Bringing your snacks and drinks will save you from shelling out money for overpriced food at the stadium.

Also, you can plan and bring a cooler with protein bars, chips, and drinks. That way, you won’t have to wait in the concession stand lines during half-time, and you can enjoy more of the game.


Bring a camera if you want to capture the moment and take home some special memories. Having one on hand will allow you to take pictures of yourself and your friends as you cheer on your favorite team.

You can also capture the game’s highlights and memorable plays. After the game, you’ll have plenty of photos to reflect on and remember the day. So remember to bring a camera along with you, and make sure it’s fully charged.

Comfortable Clothes and Footwear

No matter which team you’re rooting for, make sure to dress comfortably. Depending on the weather, you’ll want to wear layers to stay warm or cool down as needed. Also, be sure to bring a pair of comfortable shoes, as you’ll be doing plenty of walking and standing.

And if the weather is freezing, be sure to wear a scarf and gloves to stay warm. That way, you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable while cheering your team on! Some stadiums even allow blankets, so be sure to check the policies before you attend.


One of the most important things to remember is that you should always bring your ticket with you. Nothing will ruin a game day more than being unable to get into the stadium because you don’t have your ticket.

So make sure to bring a copy of your ticket, and double-check that it’s the correct one. That way, you can show up and enjoy a great NFL game with your fellow fans. You’ll be ready to have a great time and, hopefully, come out as a winner!

Extra Cash

Remember to bring some extra cash in case you need it. You never know when you may want to buy a souvenir or treat yourself to a snack or beverage. Plus, it’s always nice to be prepared in case of an emergency.

Nothing’s more frustrating than not having cash when you need it. You might also want to consider whether the stadium accepts debit and credit cards, just in case you don’t have any cash on hand.

Final Thoughts

You should take advantage of the entire NFL experience when you have these five must-haves. So make sure to have them on hand before the next game – then you’ll be ready to cheer your team on and make the most of your experience. Have fun!