Useful Nail Art Designs for Beginners and Manicure Life Hacks

You’ll probably never go to the Nail Salon spa after reading this… which we all know takes up too much of our time, energy and, of course, can ruin our budget.

No professional nail art tools are required! You will only need beginner-friendly and affordable dip powder starter kits to start! Let’s get into it!

French Classic Manicure

Nail Art

A French manicure design has been a common on-the-go and timeless nail art. 

This nail art design never goes old, it’s perfect for any nail shape or nail length too!

How to do French Nail Tutorial Using Fake Tips For Beginners. Watch the tutorial here!

How long does the application take?  Roughly 45 to an hour for natural nails and two to three hours if you’re doing it with acrylic tips.

How long does it last? Approximately 3 to 7 days in polish and 2 to 3 weeks in acrylic or gel.

What is the price range? Around $46.99. And that is for a Dip Starter Kit with a Dip Tray!

Pros: This is one of the easiest mani that you can do yourself at home and is perfect for beginners and will never go out of style!

Cons: Can be too natural looking for others.

Butterfly Nail Art Manicure

Nail Art

Do you want to jump into some fun and challenging nail art designs with those noticeable stiletto and coffin-shaped nails that you want? This nail enhancement procedure involves essential liquids and dipping powder that are very strong that can last up to 2-3 weeks! 

How to do Aesthetic Butterfly Art Manicure 🦋. Watch it here.

Do dip manicure nails damage your natural nails? No, as long as you’ve done the procedure precisely, you are removing them correctly and you’re using high-quality non-damaging dipping products.

Pros: Easy to do at home and your creativity will improve!

Cons: Some dip essential liquids have an annoying odor that is very strong during the application which is not winning for some.

Cheetah Print Design Mani

Nail Art

Dipping powder has become one of the most popular nail enhancements for a long time now. It’s a combination of Dip powder and essential liquids that bonds to your nails for a durable long-lasting beautiful manicure. The possibilities are endless with this method!

How to do Easy Cheetah Print Design Mani. Watch it here.

How long does this method take? Approximately 1-2 hours for starters.

Is it long-lasting? Yes, it is! It would take two to four weeks.

What is the price range? There are high-quality dip starter kits that start around $46+ to $60+. Take note, that’s a whole new starter kit set!

Pros: Long-lasting with durable and satisfying results.

Cons: It’s very important to choose a highly regarded dip powder brand for this method. 

Holographic Butterflies

Nail Art

In Dipping powders, the chemistry is real! No need to expose your nail to the UV/LED Lamp which causes damage to your nails. 

You just need to do it in the correct way with the proper ratio of high-quality dip powders that have been on-trend in the beauty and nail industry for quite a long time now! 

How to Encapsulate Holographic Butterflies For Beginners. Watch it here!

How do you remove acrylic nails, is it easy? Yes, you can comfortably remove your acrylic nails at home by soaking your nails in acetone nail polish remover for five minutes, then remove the nail polish. You can repeat the same process until the polish is off. A salon will do something similar with 100% acetone. So be smart and take advantage of the power of the internet! You can surely find a lot of easy-to-do nail acrylic removal videos and article tutorials!

Color Blocking Nail Design

Nail Art

Alright, so let’s admit some of these manicures will take a lot of patience and practice. But they’re all accessible and pretty easy to do, especially if you’re finding a new hobby this covid19.

How to do Color Blocking. Watch it here!

Does dip powder damage your nails? No, as long as you don’t leave the product on your nails excessively, and you’ve removed it correctly. Don’t forget to give your natural nails a week or every couple of months free from any nail enhancements, too!

Pretty Pink Ombre Mani 

Nail Art

Achieve this sophisticated Pink Ombre mani using essential liquids and dipping powders! It’s fun to do and would fit any type of season and occasion!

How to do A Pretty Pink Ombre Mani. Watch it here!

How do you remove this manicure design? It depends upon the kind of manicure method or techniques used. No worries! You can surf on the net or watch tons of helpful easy to follow “HOW-TO’s” youtube tutorials online.

Does it damage your nails? No, as long as you’re doing it right and you’re using high-quality non-toxic nail products.

Diagonal Color Block Mani

Nail Art

The combination of pink and silver is epic!

Be creative, it’s never too late to try something new!

How to do Diagonal Color Block Mani. Watch it here.

How do you remove a dip powder manicure? The simplest way is to buff the shine off with a nail file and buffer. Then take a cotton ball soaked in acetone, apply to your fingernails and wrap each nail with foil for about 15 minutes. It should be a no-sweat removing method. Repeat the step until satisfied.

Above are some of the DIY fun and fancy sets of manicure nail art designs that you can comfortably do at home. Try them once, you’ll be addicted and probably get the hang of them!

It’s time for us to talk about some Nail Manicure Life Hacks that will save you much money, time and effort going to the Nail Salon!

Nail Art1. Before starting your manicure, you can soak your nails with a mixture of water and white vinegar. This may strip any natural, cosmetic oil or moisturizer to the nails which allows the dip powder and essential liquids to bind better.

2. While doing your own manicure at home, it’s best to sit down comfortably and keep your hand on a flat sturdy surface with a bright and cozy atmosphere.

3. If you would like to scale back the time required to dry your nails, dip the wet nails in a bowl containing water with ice. It only takes 3 minutes!

A nonstick cooking spray is another quick-dry DIY method that you can spray onto your wet nails. Just make sure to spray it evenly and not too close to your nails.

4. Lubricating the area around nails with petroleum jelly makes it easy to wash up after your manicure. Use a cotton swab to stop the petrolatum from aging the nail.

5. While you’re using petroleum to stay your fingers clean, you’ll also dab some around the lid of your nail essential bottles. This helps prevent the lid from drying or glued shut. A total life hack indeed!

6. To avoid manicure from chipping or lifting, make sure to apply an even, thin layer of topcoat to secure your nails and keep them shiny and protected!

7. Innovate while creating stencils. You can use scotch tape, clear tape to create sharp lines, and paper to make stencils and DIY your chosen beautiful designs. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

8. Each household has a Vicks Vaporub… If ever you encounter a nail infection in your nail plate, you can grab and apply Vicks Vaporub to treat it. Thymol is an ingredient that can be found in Vix Vapor Rub that is known to fight bacterial infections.

Yay or Nay? Loving all these ideas so far?

If you have done some of these nail manicure life hacks, share these hacks with your friends right now! There are tons of amazing best acrylic nail kits for beginners in the market right now, you’ll need to find what works best for you!