5 Basic Necessities of a DJ

To become a successful DJ, you obviously need to have a serious passion for music. But that’s definitely not all it takes. To really make it in a rising industry that is becoming more and more competitive as we speak, it is essential that you have the basic necessities down before you can take the next step forward in music production and DJing as a profession.

This is why we’ve made a list of the 5 essential necessities for a DJ.


Every DJ needs a decent set of turntables. If you’re starting out as a DJ then it’s just as important to know how to set them up. This is why you need to read up on tutorials or ask a fellow DJ to help you understand how to do this properly.

Turntables are a must if you’re going to take a career as a DJ seriously. This is where you get to master your mixing skills and show a crowd what your unique sounds are like as you perform live.


You cannot live without a good pair of headphones if you’re a DJ. It is imperative that you own a pair of high quality headphones so that you are able to hear each and every part of any kind of music, and also hear it at the right mixing levels.

They’re also important at gigs as you transition from one track to the next. It’s always a good idea to have an extra pair as backup, in case the ones you are currently using stop working.


Having a strong laptop is important because this is where you will be storing your mixes and working on your music production. You need to find yourself a decent mixing software as well as one that helps to keep proper playlists to help you stay organized as you grow in the industry.

With every laptop, you have to have a couple of external storage devices so that you can make backup copies of your playlists in case something goes wrong with your laptop. Because you’re always on the move and moving your laptop from here to there, you need to get a case that ensures it is safe from damage if dropped. You might want to get a sleeve as well to keep it in when you’re not using it. 

Backup cables and electric extensions

It’s understood that electronics go bad, or sometimes may work in one instance or place, and not in the other. To avoid any of these issues, you need to have a couple of cables on you at all times. It’s also a good idea to carry power extensions and adaptors for connecting your chargers and other devices.

Different places may have different electrical output, and this could risk ruining your equipment, that’s why it’s important that you invest in a stabilizer where you can plug all your electronics into without having to worry about the voltage.

Bag for equipment

When you get more integrated in the DJing game and end up going to more and more gigs, you’ll find that you need to have a backpack or a bag that is custom made and designed to carry all your essentials. This will prove to be much more convenient than having a couple of bags where you run the risk of forgetting something.

If you’re into playing vinyl, then there are also bags, specially designed to carry quite a few for travel. This way, they don’t risk falling or getting damaged.

Being a DJ means that you have a lot of working parts that are all essential to carry with you at all times. It also means always being prepared for the worst in case anything goes wrong at a venue so that you don’t have any setbacks that can ruin your gig.

The list of essentials that we’ve provided covers these necessities and you’ll find that it will certainly make your life as a DJ much smoother when you are able to become more organized. When you have all your equipment on you at all times, you’re definitely going to feel like you’re in your element because you’ll be doing the setup yourself, as well as ensuring that all your equipment is safe from any possible damage due to mishandling or electrical mishaps.

As long as you keep all these necessities in a convenient bag that you can carry with you at all times and with ease, then you know you’re always ready to go!