Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident

A car accident might dramatically affect your life, from monetary losses to physical pain and suffering. Your losses and injuries can be documented with the help of a lawyer, who can also help you seek reasonable compensation.

Car accident lawyers understand the complexities of personal injury claims and can help you level the playing field with insurance companies that may try to take advantage of you.

You’re Injured

You may contact an attorney immediately if your car accident resulted in injuries — including broken bones, herniated discs, and soft tissue damage such as sprains and strains. While you concentrate on recovering from your injuries, an expert car accident lawyer will handle all the paperwork and insurance company negotiations.

For instance, the most common cause of a collision is distracted driving. You should gather evidence at the crash scene, such as contact information for the other driver and any witnesses, photographs, and video footage of the accident. Visiting a doctor right after the crash is also a good idea. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) may only appear days or weeks after the accident.

If you have a medical exam, keep track of all your symptoms and how they affect your daily life. An experienced attorney will use this to calculate the total cost of your injuries and the just compensation you deserve for your claim.

You’re at Fault

In car accident cases, fault determines who pays for accident-related losses. This includes medical bills, lost income, property damage, and pain and suffering. Insurance companies often try to deny you these damages or pay out as little as possible.

They may do this by blaming your injuries on past events or even claiming you’re simply old. They’ll review your medical records, looking for some event or date before the crash explaining why you have an injury.

Fortunately, you can help your case by documenting everything from the accident scene. This includes taking pictures and collecting contact information for other drivers and witnesses. Getting a mechanic or body shop to assess your car’s damage can also be very useful in determining fault. You might also be able to use your phone’s video recording feature. Ultimately, the more evidence you have, the easier it is to prove fault. It can also help you receive a fair settlement.

You’re Having a Hard Time Dealing With Insurance Companies

Car accident victims often have medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses they cannot afford independently. Although you might be tempted to negotiate with the insurance provider on your own to save money, it is strongly advised that you engage a skilled attorney before doing so.

The insurance company may trick you into admitting things that could be used against you later. This is called a liability trap. For example, they may ask you to admit that their driver caused the crash or that your injuries were due to something other than the accident.

They may also request extensive medical records to find pre-existing conditions they can use as a defense. An attorney can assist you in protecting your rights and ensuring that the insurance plays fairly. They can also handle the legal process while you focus on your physical recovery. They can also help you recover damages for property damage, such as your vehicle repairs or the cash value of other items destroyed in the crash.

You have a Hard Time Dealing With the Other Party

Car insurance companies often use every trick in the book to deny your rightful compensation. They may claim that your injuries were not caused by the crash, even if you have seen a doctor who has diagnosed your condition.

A lawyer will know how to fight back against these attempts. They will have access to medical records and other information that proves the extent of your injury and damages, such as a reduced quality of life, inability to work or enjoy hobbies, and financial hardship.

An attorney can also help you collect evidence from the accident scene, essential for building your case. This helps establish a clear link between your injury and the accident that was the other driver’s fault. This is a critical element of winning a fair settlement. They can also negotiate with the opposing party’s insurance company to compensate you for all losses.