Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer When Involved in an Accident

People rarely see it coming, but when an accident occurs, it can change everything. Sadly, there are often factors that brought the incident about unnecessarily. Anyone seeking personal compensation may have a fight on their hands trying to prove this. 

People with little legal experience may soon feel overwhelmed and manipulated by resistant parties and insurance companies. This article will demonstrate some of the reasons why an injured person should have a lawyer on their side.  

Lawyers Become The Person’s Advocate

People don’t know what they don’t know. In addition, they may not be emotionally ready for a legal battle if they are physically recovering from an accident. It may be that the other party is denying responsibility.

There is a huge benefit from choosing a lawyer who is experienced in such cases and has a proven track record of success. They will advise what to do right from the start and be the person’s voice in court if it ever gets that far.

Some people may think they can represent themselves and save money through not using a lawyer. The defendant’s insurance company may also recommend this, but for a reason!

According to the Clark Law Office, people have been found to gain more compensation by using an attorney than when trying to win their case alone. The lawyer’s essential task will be to provide evidence of negligence, and they will be best placed to create a strong case.

The Lawyer Is The Point Of Communication 

This can create a wall of protection around the claimant. The attorney will advise their client not to post anything on social media, as a differing statement or malicious post could affect the outcome. The lawyer will also ask their client not to talk to insurance companies directly. This can prevent the injured party from falling into potential pitfalls. 

The client may be tempted to accept the first compensation offer that is made in order to obtain early closure. Lawyers will know that the first offer is not always the highest. If someone still has an ongoing diagnosis, the full medical implications will not yet have been ascertained.

Over time, some people develop secondary medical issues arising from the accident, so once again an early settlement may be unwise. This is because the compensation figure would be too low. 

They Collect The Evidence

This could be early photos of the person’s injury, which can be key in proving a case for trauma and distress. Attorneys also recreate the incident using photos. If it was a car crash, pictures of the vehicle damage, road quality, and light conditions could all support the case. 

The lawyer will also request witness statements. If the accident occurred in a sports’ stadium or on a construction site, a statement by a professional might also serve as supporting evidence. 

Attorneys are trained to ask a lot of questions. They might be, ‘Was the construction site unsafe?’ ‘Was the sports’ ground poorly maintained’? ‘Were the sportsmen poorly trained and coached?’ In the incidence of dog bites, lawyers will want to know whether the animal was unsupervised, or even of an illegal species. 

Medical negligence can occur at places ranging from hospitals, clinics or laboratories. There could be untrained, unconfident, careless staff, or defective medical equipment. This could result in birth injuries or wrongful deaths.  Other work injuries could result from the release of toxic gases or substandard tools. 

Lawyers Make The Claim For Compensation 

It may be that the injured person needed time off work or now needs an alternative job. They may even be unable ever to work again. The medical treatment will have already cost money, and more may be needed – potentially on a long term basis. 

They may require a medically adapted house that includes ramps, handles, walk-in showers, and wheelchair access. The case for pain, suffering and trauma is taken very seriously at law. Other family members are often affected too. 

Attorneys Help With Finance

If the other party has already admitted liability, it is a matter of time before compensation is paid. In this scenario, it may be possible for an interim payment to be made before case closure, to help the injured party with their expenses. Lawyers help with medical bills and advise on such things as Social Security Disability Benefits or other financial provision.  

If the right attorney has been chosen, the injured party will be best placed to have a strong case, with their legal advocate leading the way. The lawyer will decide the best compensation figure, and if the other party is unwilling to accept the settlement figure, they will take it to court or beyond to ensure that justice is done.