Is Your New Home As Perfect As It Seems? Red Flags To Look Out For

Looking for a new home is an incredibly exciting proposition, but buying a house is a huge decision. It’s natural to want to make sure that you’re making the right call. If you’ve fallen head over heels, it’s essential to ensure that your new pad is as perfect as it seems. In this guide, we’ll discuss some red flags to look out for during your second viewing. 


Damp is one of the most common problems raised in home surveys and inspections. While minor issues may not trigger panic, it is beneficial to get damp patches checked out and ensure that you are aware of the severity of the problem and repair costs. Damp is caused by excess moisture and it is usually characterized by a musty smell and discolored patches on the walls and ceilings.

If you spot warning signs, contact companies that specialize in damp proofing and get some quotes. You can then decide whether to proceed and make an offer or continue your search. 


Household pests can pose serious problems for homeowners. When you are viewing houses, keep an eye out for droppings, bite marks, holes and damage to wooden structures and listen out for scrabbling noises.

If there is a pest infestation at the property you’re looking to buy, it’s wise to negotiate with the owner or get quotes for termite treatment or rodent removal. You don’t want to move into your dream home to find that there are unwanted guests in the attic or intruders in your backyard. 

Roof damage

Roof repairs can be costly, and often, minor issues can develop into more complex and extensive problems. If there are visible signs of damage, ask your agent to find out more about previous repairs or reports on the condition of the roof and get some quotes from reliable roofing firms. This will enable you to determine how much it will cost to repair or replace the roof before you decide whether or not to buy the property.

If you have made an offer, you might be able to renegotiate a lower price or come to an agreement with the vendor, which involves them covering the cost of the work. It is always a good idea to get at least three separate quotes and to take the time to read reviews and get recommendations before choosing which roofing company to hire. 

Sales history

You might think that the house you’ve found is perfect, but are you wondering if it’s too good to be true? If the price seems too low, or the seller is in a hurry to accept offers, there could be a reason.

Check the sales history, have a good look around the area and ask your real estate agent to find out more about the property. It’s beneficial to learn how long the property has been on the market for, how many offers have been accepted and the reasons why buyers have pulled out in the past. 

Have you found your dream home? If you’re in the process of negotiating with a seller or going through checks, it’s crucial to make sure you address potential red flags and take your time to think about whether it is definitely the property for you.