Creating A New Life Of Freedom

When we are children, we often have a carefree life. Sure, there is school and homework, but there’s also plenty of time for play and for hanging out with friends. In the summer there are endless hours of free time available. It’s a nice life. Then, we go through high school and enjoy senior year celebrations and our graduation ceremony.

For many, it’s then time to head off to college where we’ll have time to truly enjoy the university experience for four years.

Our time in college seems to go by in a flash. There are parties and Saturday football games mixed in with the advanced learning. All too soon, we pick our major, and career preparations begin. College graduation is a big rite of passage, and soon we are ushered into the world and begin our journey as young adults.

For most, the future holds 45 years of endless work hours. It does not have to be this way. By making smart choices, you can hack society’s life model and create an existence filled with freedom and enjoyment.

Start by Saving Money on Your Monthly Expenses

The first step you need to take to begin creating your new life of freedom is to dramatically reduce your current monthly expenses. When you owe a lot of money you are shackled to the hamster wheel, destined to run in place forever. If you are carrying extensive debt, say from student loans, you have to work long hours just to try and get by.

If you are a recent college graduate, you can start building your new financial future by carefully assessing your existing student loan debt. With today’s low-interest rates, you can refinance the balances on your high-rate loans and consolidate them into a single loan from a private lender. You can go online to get an instant interest rate estimate and see how much money you could save each month.

Buy Your Own Land and Live in an Alternative Dwelling

One of the most important things you can do to change your life is to change your housing options. Instead of spending one-third or more of your income on your monthly mortgage or rent payment, you can live very comfortably for a fraction of that cost.

Rather than carrying a 30-year mortgage or buying the house for your landlord, you can follow an alternate path and actually pay for your land and dwelling in far less than 5 years. Then, imagine how it would feel to have no house payment for the next 25 years!

For less than you pay each month for your current housing, you can put together a package of land and a dwelling. It’s possible to buy acreage on a land contract, where you put a small amount down and then pay a low monthly payment to own the property. An alternative dwelling such as a top-quality geodesic dome cost less than $10,000. Best of all, you’ll be living in the beauty of nature instead of spending your life in an overcrowded city.

Live Off-Grid Using Natural Energy

After housing costs and student loan payments, utilities are typically your third-largest monthly expense. By investing in solar power and a battery system you can go off-grid and be totally self-sufficient. You can also boost your power production with a wind turbine. By using solar and other systems you can be totally free of expensive monthly electric bills.

You can also set up a solar-powered well or water catchment system so all of your water needs are taken care of too. Propane tanks can be used for your water heater and your gas stove. When you choose to live in this way, you open up a much broader range of land and acreage that would be suitable for your homestead.