No Fear of Missing out on Your Favorite Games Online in Canada: Tips for Sports Enthusiasts

If you’re a sports fanatic, you’ll definitely know the struggle behind looking out for the right resources to watch your favorite games and your favorite teams go head to head with each other.

But a sad part of enjoying sports is that a variety of sports championships and leagues are only available on premium streaming platforms or in specific geographical regions.

For example, you might be able to enjoy Canadian football or Canadian hockey in your country, but finding a way to watch UFC, NFL, NHL, or the French Open may be difficult for you.

If you can relate to the situation, which we’re sure you can, then we have a tip for you to easily change your virtual location from Canada to enjoy all your favorite games online in your country.

How to Watch All Your Favorite Sports Online in Canada

You can watch all your favorite sports in Canada by accessing popular streaming platforms across the world. But, you must be thinking how. Well, the trick is simple, by using a VPN service.

A virtual private network is the most effective way to bypass geo-restrictions and unblock streaming services from anywhere in the world. To stream live sports in Canada on ESPN Plus using a VPN, or any other VoD service, here are a few things you need to consider:

1. Choosing the right VPN service:

The first thing you need to do to enjoy your favorite sports online is to select a super-reliable and premium VPN for yourself.

Premium VPN services offer unlimited bandwidth and thousands of servers across the globe. They further offer super-fast speeds and excellent unblocking capabilities to users, making unblocking sports-viewing platforms like ESPN+, Sky Sports, and more quite easy in Canada.

Thanks to their speeds, it becomes absolutely hassle-free to enjoy NFL, La Liga, NHL, and other sports championships in HD playback quality without any buffering.

2. Check out the VPN’s security features:

A virtual private network should protect your online activities from your ISP while you enjoy the exclusive UFC matches in Canada.

For this purpose, a premium VPN offers multiple security features, adding an extra layer of security to a user’s connection while bypassing geo-restrictions.

Some general privacy features include a kill switch that disconnects you from the internet if the VPN connection becomes unstable while streaming any match.

A DNS leak protection feature makes sure that your Canadian IP address is protected at all costs when you try to access a geo-restricted streaming platform.

Reliable VPNs also offer a strict no-logs policy, ensuring that the VPN itself won’t store any user data at all. Data logs and leaks are quite an issue, and this is exactly why we don’t recommend free VPNs to users, as they are extremely risky to use. In fact, 40% of the free VPNs apps were known to leak user data.

This is why we highly suggest using a premium VPN to enjoy sports in Canada.

What Sports Streaming Platforms are Unavailable in Canada?

Canada may have TSN Direct, DAZN, and Sportsnet NOW, but sports fans can subscribe to various popular streaming platforms from across the world that are exclusive to sports and enjoy watching their favorite matches in Canada.

Some of these geo-restricted sports platforms are:

1. ESPN Plus:

ESPN+ is a popular American streaming service offering a variety of sports live and on-demand under one roof. You can enjoy multiple sports like soccer, baseball, hockey, and more on ESPN+.

This streaming service is also an official broadcaster of various marathons and championships, including UFC.

2. Sky Sports:

Sky Sports is one of the most premium sports channels in the United Kingdom. This streaming platform offers a variety of sports like tennis, cricket, rugby, and more to users, including the English Premier League, NFL, and Formula 1.

3. Kayo Sports:

Kayo is an Australian over-the-top streaming platform that offers content from multiple channels, including Fox, ESPN,, and more. On Kayo Sports, you can enjoy streaming live and on-demand leagues and championships, including NFL, UFC, La Liga, AFL, etc.

4. Fox Sports Go:

Lately known as Bally Sports, this popular US-based VoD service is home to tons of sports, including racing, soccer, running, baseball, boxing, and basketball. On this streaming site, you can catch up on the Super Bowl, all NFL matches, replays of NBA, and the highlights of MLB.

5. BT Sport:

BT Sport is another British sports-dedicated online streaming service home to live rugby unions, UFC, football, boxing, MotoGP, and more. On BT Sport, you can enjoy championships of all popular sports, including Bundesliga, MLS, Seria A, Ligue 1, etc.


All these streaming services are quite popular globally but are geo-restricted in Canada. To access them anywhere in your country, you’d require a VPN service. Once connected to the servers of their specific regions, you’d be able to bypass these platforms’ geo-blocks easily in Canada and enjoy all sports matches live.

And, the best thing is that you won’t be able to miss any sports leagues in your country due to geo-restrictions after getting a VPN service.