7 Benefits of Taking a Nootropic Supplement for Improved Cognition

It is only natural for the brain to slack a little, especially when tired. The bad thing about this condition is that the slowed-down brain activity may strike at the worst time possible. A student may be trying to race against time to read and revise for an exam, but the brain will not allow it. The robust nature of the brain may fade away just when a programmer is in the middle of writing some important code for a project.

An aging grandma may be struggling to keep up with the energy and attention her grandkids want from her. Well, this calls for some brain activity boost. Nootropics are the answer to these challenges. Here are seven crucial benefits of taking a nootropic supplement for improved cognition:

1) Memory Boost

Storing and retrieving memories could prove cumbersome for some people. This may be brought about by age or a mental health condition. Fatigue could also be a contributing factor. Nootropic supplements in the form of memory enhancers can counter this. The supplements will come in handy with short-term memories helping you reason and process logic quickly.

Other supplements will help you accumulate and store experiences as well as knowledge of a number of years or even decades. You will want to go for nootropic supplements that help with memory recall, such as those that boost acetylcholine levels in the brain, a chemical that is known to boost memory storage and retrieval.

2) Improves Moods

A myriad of factors can trigger bad moods. Top of the list is the imbalance in chemicals that run the brain. Also, brain cells may be in a position where they are finding it difficult to uptake sugars from the blood, leading to low energy levels.

Nootropic supplements that seek to even out the chemical imbalance or boost the assimilation of sugars into the brain cells are recommended for such instances. Bacopa monnieri supplements and l-theanine extract are some of the nootropics that help improve moods.

3) One Pays Attention Better

Nootropic supplements can help people concentrate on a task for elongated periods without succumbing to distractions. People who are easily distracted may find it hard to participate in activities requiring full concentration, such as reading, writing, or pricking in games such as scrabble or chess. Some nootropic supplements will ensure that you can multitask easily or even enable you to switch between two unrelated tasks fast and effectively.

Other types of nootropics will enable you to focus on the task at hand while ignoring all other forms of external stimuli. Citicoline and Rhodiola Rosea compounds are some of the ingredients in nootropic supplements that may help boost your ability to focus.

4) Low Stress Levels

Nootropic supplements are known to harden the brain cells, making them less susceptible to stress triggers. This is important because if stress, a short-term condition, is not dealt with immediately, it could lead to other more serious conditions like brain burnout, psychological meltdown, or even depression. Nootropic supplements help the brain relax, hence boosting its cognitive performance. L-theanine is an antidepressant that could help in such situations.

5) Fast Knowledge Accumulation

For the brain to accumulate knowledge optimally, it has to have the ability to generate and utilize enough energy to focus, store knowledge and retrieve that information when needed. For the brain to achieve this feat, it has to be calm enough to allow for concentration.

Nootropic supplements work by shielding the brain from external pressures so that the knowledge can be assimilated without distortion. Bacopa monnieri extract has been seen to greatly slow down the rate at which we lose our memory. This is good for both short and longer-term memory retention.

6) Improved Creativity

You may have heard of many creative authors complaining about ‘writer’s block.’ This is when their mind is unable to come up with new, unique ideas. This foggy phase of the brain can be quite discomforting. Nootropic supplements can help such individuals. It is not just authors who experience this phase of depletion of the ability to be imaginative.

Songwriters and painters experience these lows too. For the brain to regain its ability to be imaginative, it needs to be relaxed yet sufficiently energized; this is where l-theanine comes in. It is quite effective in inducing alpha wave modulation in the brain.

7) Boosted Morale and Motivation

Dopamine is responsible for giving you that inner drive to do things. Nootropic supplements containing this chemical help give you that nudge to be active and heighten cognitive processing. You might want to consider supplements high in vitamin B9 to counter this problem.