5 Reasons You Should Not Date While Getting Divorced

Your marriage may be poisoning your life so much that you count days to its termination. But no matter how eager you are to get to new and better relationships, it is not recommended to move on in your private life straight after you get printable divorce papers. Otherwise, it can lead you to negative consequences concerning your marriage termination process.

Study the reasons to postpone dating when getting divorced, and make the best comfortable decision for you.

1. Sabotaging the Agreement

Deciding to start a new relationship during divorce, you threaten to damage your divorce agreement. It all starts with your soon-to-be-ex being dissatisfied, angry, or disappointed with you moving on too quickly.

On one hand, they have no right to tell you what to do with your life. Contrastly, if you want your spouse to be civil during the divorce negotiation, you have to be tolerant with their feelings and position as well. So, if you want a friendly agreement and an amicable marriage termination in general, you’d better postpone dating until you are done with your divorce process completely.

2. Losing Benefits

It is not only about your spouse getting too emotional with your private life choices, but your early dating may have a negative impact on the official outcomes of your divorce. The undesirable results may cover:

• being accused of having extramarital affair;
• the request for spousal support declined;
• your reputation as a custodial parent worsen;
• your beneficial position in divorce lost.

There may be more side-effects of you creating a new relationship before your old one is over completely. Compared to related unpleasant situations and offended relatives, it may end up with your divorce agreement damaging your future chances for happiness.

3. Impacting Relationships with Children

In addition to dating while going through a divorce blackening your reputation as a suitable custodial parent, it can ruin your relationships with children as well. Your kids are overwhelmed with their family falling apart and their parents not loving each other to the end of their life.

And you only add to their stress level with the decision to get an amorous adventure in the middle of a divorce. They are not ready to invite a stranger into their family as if to substitute their parent. Maybe you are not ready for it either. Plus, they may start blaming you for ruining your marriage and choosing a new partner over your family. This won’t improve the relationships with your children, too.

4. Failing to Heal

Divorce is a stressful and life-turning event. Obviously, your body and heart need some time for recovery before you can get to a normal routine and build on your personal happiness. If you hurry to date before you get the time and possibility to overcome divorce and a failed marriage, you can have serious complications soon.

Without a thorough farewell and some healing time, your previous relationships may spoil your future, haunt you, and add to your stress and pressure levels. This will make it difficult for you to perform well in your daily tasks and crucial life processes afterward.

5. Affecting Future Relationships

The answer to the question ‘Can you date while going through a divorce?’ is in your real intentions on the new relationships. If you want to find a better and long-term partner, are you ready to burden them with your ongoing divorce issues, will you have enough time for new relationships, have you got enough energy and inspiration to commit qualitatively?

If you want a short affair to release the tension of life of a divorcee, won’t it affect your attitude to love and relationships in general, how it can impact your self-esteem and desire to date again, is it worth adding more troubles and arguments to your life?

In both cases, there are no guarantees that dating during divorce will make you feel better and happier but not add another headache to your burdened life. Plus, negative long-term effects will prevent you from reaching happiness in your private life in the nearest future.


Creating a new relationship before you manage to end the former one is a tricky choice. No matter what your aim is, you will most surely get more troubles than benefits, as a result.

Worsening your divorce agreement, losing a beneficial position in a divorce case, damaging relationships with your kids, depriving yourself of time and possibility to heal after divorce, and affecting your future relationships are all not worth getting to date too early. So think twice before you make a decision on your private life when you are still in the middle of a divorce.