Nursery Decorating Tips

Decorating your nursery can be an exciting and exhausting task. When decorating your child’s nursery, you will encounter several decisions that you will need to make before you can even begin. 

These decisions will include:

  • Color Scheme – Do you know the gender, and do you want to decorate for that gender?
  • Furniture – Which items of furniture do you want to include? Do you want a matching furniture set?
  • Wallpaper or Paint – Would the really cute wallpaper you have found stand the test of time? Would paint be easier to touch up if your little one gets near it with crayons in the future? 
  • Accessories – Do you want to buy the crib mobile you have seen or wait until your child is a little older and you know the things that interest them?

Making a Start

While all of these questions are important, the first one you need to answer is: when to start decorating the nursery? If you begin decorating too early, there is more time for the items you have bought to become dusty and need to be laundered. Leaving the decorating too late and you run the risk of being too tired later in your pregnancy or the baby arriving before the nursery is complete. 

We recommend that somewhere toward the end of your second trimester is the perfect place to start. If you are going to find out the gender, you will know it by this point and can decorate according to this, if you want to. This will also be close enough to your due date that it will help to increase your excitement without it being too far away that you will not cherish it. 

This point in your pregnancy, for some women, also feels like the calmest once early appointments have passed and health checks have been completed. There is no need to pack your hospital bag as yet so getting the nursery ready is something exciting to pass this period. 

Buying Your Perfect Items

There are so many online baby shops now that you may not even need to leave your house to create the perfect room for your perfect baby. With stores selling full baby sets of furniture, you can have them delivered to your home and assembled in a short space of time. 

The items that will take more time are the smaller accessories and decorations, picture frames for the walls, soft toys to decorate shelves, and blankets for the crib. 

There are also the practical items you will need for your nursery; a diaper bin, baby monitor, change mat, and more. We recommend that you choose these items after you have picked the color scheme for your room, so they fit with the nursery theme. Make sure that you do your research into the best of each practical item or piece of furniture so that it suits your needs too. 

Decorating your baby’s nursery is such an exciting thing to do, so take your time and make it the perfect baby space in your home.