8 Reasons Why Nursing Is The Best Career Option In 2022

Nurses are one of the most sought-after professionals in the job market, and it’s pretty easy to see why. During the global Covid-19 pandemic, nurses were part of the frontline defense while most people stayed at home. Entering the nursing industry is a wise choice, and it has been that way for many years.

Besides, nursing provides you with personal and professional fulfillment, as well as great rewards and responsibilities. You’ll be able to care for patients at their most vulnerable moments and guide them through their recovery. 

The importance of the nursery and healthcare sectors is critical for the correct functioning of our societies. Allocating the right recruitment measures for new nurses and doctors is vital to assisting them in finding the right jobs with minimal red tape. According to companies like Lensa, there is a downward trend in the creation of jobs as the upcoming economic turmoils in 2023.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a career option that will always be in high demand, the nursing profession is the best option. Although it requires persistent effort, patience, and hard work, nursing can be a very lucrative career choice. Here are eight reasons why nursing is the best career option in 2022. 

Reasons Why Nursing is The Best Career Option in 2022

1. Career Security

All around the world, nurses are in very high demand, especially with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. A nurse’s job will always be secure because nurses will always be needed. Sick patients will always need care, and doctors will always need assistance because they can’t function without nurses. 

Besides, the nursing field is diverse, so there will always be a need for someone with a specific skill and knowledge to fill a particular role.

2. Nursing Challenges You

It is easy to lose focus and motivation in a job that doesn’t challenge you. Doing the same thing day in and day out will get tiring quickly, and you’ll lose your passion for the job. However, working as a nurse is never dull because every day isn’t the same.

Similarly, it doesn’t matter where you’re working, a school, hospital, clinic, or outpatient center, every day you work with a patient will be different. Also, the nursing industry has a wide variety of specializations you can choose from to challenge yourself. 

Furthermore, nursing is a professionally and physically demanding profession, and it requires perseverance, empathy, and problem-solving skills. These traits will ensure that you enjoy an exciting career that constantly challenges you.

3. Ability To Specialize

Earning a nursing degree means you have the opportunity to specialize in whatever nursing field you want. You can decide to be involved in general healthcare or broaden your career horizon. Also, nursing allows you to move from one specialty to another very quickly. 

Besides, nurses are a crucial part of delivering healthcare in various settings. With the ability to choose from multiple specialties, you’ll never get bored of your job. Also, as a specialized nurse, you’ll be entitled to your pick of tasks, better work hours, and a higher salary benefit. 

4. It Helps You Make a Difference

While most people think that a nurse’s job entails performing medical tasks and procedures, it is broader. As a nurse, you’ll be able to make a massive difference in your patients’ lives. Also, aside from assisting them with their problems, you’ll be acting as a support system through some of the worst and most vulnerable moments of their lives. 

Similarly, earning a nursing degree allows make a significant impact on society. You have the potential as a nurse to address emergency needs or establish new treatment procedures during critical level situations. 

5. Opportunity to Advance Your Nursing Career

The best thing about nursing is that no matter where you start from, there’s always room for growth. You can move into senior-level roles and advance your nursing career by earning higher educational degrees. As a licensed practice nurse, a BSN will qualify you for managerial positions and make you a registered nurse.

Furthermore, if you wish to transition into more complex and specialized roles as a registered nurse, you’ll need to earn a master’s degree in nursing, and you can study for a doctor of nursing practice degree if you wish to take on high leadership roles like clinical research or nurse director. Another option is to become a nurse educator to teach the knowledge you’ve acquired, which can be done by first enrolling in an MSN education program.

6. Location and Schedule Flexibility

Nursing is the profession that allows you to choose where and how much you can work. You don’t have to stay in one particular state or city to work as a nurse. Also, you have the freedom to choose where you would like to work; there are many places you can work as a nurse. 

Similarly, one of the best things about working as a nurse is the work schedule flexibility. Nursing offers better work flexibility compared to other careers that have the traditional 9-5 work hours. As a nurse, you can choose to work on-call, full-time, or part-time. Also, having work and location flexibility as a nurse allows you to organize your life and time adequately for other things like family and friends. 

7. Access To High and Better Salary Privileges 

Nursing is a profession that pays very well, especially if you’re a specialized or certified nurse. One of the reasons many people choose to study nursing is the high salary benefits they can enjoy from the profession. 

Besides, the reason why nursing pays so high is that it requires a lot of dedication, passion, and specific abilities and skillsets. If you want to be guaranteed a high payload at the end of every month, make nursing your career choice. 

8. Gives You a Sense of Purpose and Fulfillment

There is a sense of purpose and fulfillment that comes with being a nurse. Knowing that you were able to help your patient through their issues and comfort them adequately can give you the highest form of fulfillment.

Although you can’t perform miracles, the little acts of kindness and solace you give to your patients can mean the world to them. For people that have stayed in the hospital for a long time, their nurses were the ones who kept their spirits up. 

Furthermore, there are many jobs where you can’t see the physical impact of your job, but with nursing,  you’ll be able to see and hear how your career is positively affecting the well-being of your patients. Being able to guide people through the most challenging and most vulnerable moments of their life is very satisfying. 

Get Started on Your Nursing Career

Although nursing can be demanding and stressful, nothing compares to the satisfaction you can get from knowing you helped to save and improve your patient’s life. Also, nursing is an incredible opportunity to achieve your personal goals and serve society. To be a nurse requires dedication and commitment, but the benefits associated with a nursing profession make it worth the effort.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of studying nursing or making a career change to nursing, the reasons listed above in this article will show you why picking nursing as a career option is the best in 2022.