What to Do with Old Computers at the Workplace

Thousands of tons of electronics enter the waste stream each year in the United States. Computers are some of the hardest items to recycle due to hazardous waste.

So in case you need a solution for old computers at the workplace, take a look below to learn about options for computer disposal. With the options below, you’ll have plenty of options on what to do with old computers responsibly.

Donate Computers to Charities

If your workplace’s computers have outlived their usefulness, consider sending them to charities. Depending on the condition of the computers, charities usually choose to repair them and give them to those in need. Or else recycle them so that their parts can be salvaged and used.

Just know that charities may also need a donation of any additional hardware that you decide to donate with the computer. This includes keyboards, mice, and power cords. But the plus side is, many charities even offer pick-up services, so you won’t have to worry about the logistics of the matter.

Re-Purpose Outdated Machines for Employee Use

After basic cleaning and maintenance, old computers can be used for everyday tasks. Employees can use them to send emails, browse the web, and edit documents.

For better employee use, upgrading to more current software is another option. This way can be compatible with the latest programs. You can even ask your IT or tech-savvy staff to use obsolete machines for basic coding and preliminary computing projects if possible.

Trade-In Your Old Computers for New Ones

One great way to ensure the workplace stays up to date with its technology is to trade in your old computers for new ones. This way, you can get a fair market value for the technology. You can even help reduce the environmental impact of older, outdated business technology.

Before selling, make sure to remove any identifiable information and data from the hard drive. Then, have a technician or engineer run a check on the hardware and software to determine performance and overall condition. Depending on the manufacturer, parts might need replacement.

Finally, create an accurate listing of the computer’s specifications, features, and details. This will offer buyers full transparency as to what they may potentially purchase.

Dispose of Obsolete Machines Responsibly

If your work environment has computers that are nearing the end of life, it is possible to find a qualified recycler like CJD E-Cycling. They will pick up the equipment, recycle the components, and provide the paperwork necessary to prove it was handled properly. By doing this, you are helping prevent electronic waste from polluting the environment.

Follow Our Guide on What to Do With Old Computers

So, what to do with old computers in the workplace? You have plenty of options, you can recycle, re-purpose, or donate to those in need. And if necessary, you can also find a local recycling center that knows how to safely and responsibly dispose of your old PCs.

Reuse, refurbish, and recycle – think GREEN! Don’t let those outdated old computers take up unnecessary space in the workplace.

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