Ideas for a One-year Baby Photo Shoot

The first birthday is a very important holiday, and all parents want to make it fun and bright. To ensure that the memories dear to the heart do not fade with time, it makes sense to preserve them in the frames of a family photo shoot. Taking pictures of a one-year-old baby is not an easy task, but everyone is guaranteed to get a sea of happy emotions.


The birthday child will, of course, be in the center of the photos, but interesting details will help fill the frames with life and a great mood. What props should be stocked for the photo session for the 1-year celebration?

  • Cake. An intricate dessert with spectacular decorations or homemade cozy pastries looks very expressive in the photo. Sometimes for practicality, instead of real sweets use fake ones. If the props will not seem too dressy, help post-processing. For example, color photo edit allows you to adjust the color of the frame, to put color accents. The idea of the shoot itself may revolve around a cake: a child can get his hands in the cream, amusingly stained cheeks.
  • Balloons. One hundred percent holiday décor that looks great for home, outdoor, and studio photo shoots. Balloons can be used to assemble shaped arrangements and bouquets, make colorful ensembles, or just have fun playing with them.
  • Toys. Baby’s favorite doll or teddy bear will not only complete the picture but also give your child a sense of security and comfort. Do not be afraid to experiment — brightly colored cars, a ball or dice can set the plot of the picture.
  • Presents. Large boxes with spectacular bows, the rustling of colored paper, and the anticipation of a surprise are the components of a great birthday party. Or maybe the birthday baby himself is hiding in one of the boxes?
  • Decorative letters and numbers. The child’s name, the number “1” and congratulation words will remind you of a great birthday. These can be large foam figures, flags with inscriptions, panels, or signs.
  • Soap bubbles. They decorate the frame, make it touching and very childish. Besides, kids love to play with bubbles and catch them, which means there’s a chance to take a lot of live-action shots.


Ideas for a photo shoot for 1 year cover dozens of scenarios. Conventionally, you can divide them into three groups.

  1. Homemade. In the native walls shoot cozy warm stories. These may be feeding in a chair, playing with parents, taking first steps, or hiding. At home, it is difficult to organize a large-scale photo area, so it is enough to remove unnecessary objects from the camera’s field of view. Thanks to post-processing, your pictures will look neat and have not without visual noise.
  2. Outdoors. Grandmother’s garden with watering cans and seedbeds, a picnic on a plaid blanket with a basket, a walk in the woods with a baby carriage, active games near water — all these things look very picturesque and sincere. Do not be afraid of bad weather — it can be beaten into the plot. Frosty cheeks, a flying umbrella, or shiny rubber boots will be a highlight of the shoot.
  3. Studio. Offer the widest choice of subjects: dress your child up in a puffy dress or business suit, act out scenes from your favorite cartoons and use a variety of props to get unique shots.


Don’t forget that a one-year-old toddler is still a little baby. Plan for feeding and rest breaks during the photo day. Don’t overload the photo shoot with people, objects, and activities: too many relatives and toys will quickly bore the party hero.

It is not a good idea to conduct a photo session on the same day as the celebration, the exception is if the photographer works in the genre of reporting and will not distract participants from fun for the sake of staged shots. Don’t forget to take backstage photos: sometimes the shots of the preparation and process are not less emotional than elaborate edited pictures. A first birthday shoot is a source of wonderful family memories that you’ll be able to return to again and again!