Should Online Casinos Join Forces With ESports?

In 2021, we are seeing more and more industries merge, sharing both resources and capital gains. In particular, it has become extremely evident over the last few years just how connected the online gaming industry and the sports sector are. The two trades appeal to similar demographic profiles, a reality that has allowed this relationship to bloom in many forms, including content partnerships and sleeve sponsorships.

Online Casinos And Sports: The Perfect Partnership

In the United Kingdom, this is especially true, as we have seen several online casino operators appointed as the official partners of some of the top leagues and clubs in the world, such as the English Premier League. These online gaming companies also offer several sports-themed casino titles.

One example of this is soccer-themed online roulette games, in addition to traditional games like 20p roulette and penny roulette. Games like Live Football Roulette bring a twist to this classic casino game, whose origins date to 18th century France, by embracing an interesting football theme.

Of course, this is one example, but it still speaks volumes about the relationship between online casinos and the sports industry. Additionally, it brings up the question of whether online casinos should move into eSports.

eSports is another niche of the overall sporting industry that has not only generated impressive figures ($1.08 billion in 2021, a 50% increase from 2020) but has attracted the attention of high-profile athletes. These include stars like Shaquille O’Neal, Mike Tyson, Steph Curry, and Michael Jordan.

Why Should Online Casinos Join Forces With eSports?

One of the most obvious reasons online casinos should join forces with eSports is because eSports participants are the right demographic profile for online casinos. Not only are users between the ages of 18-30, with the average eSports player aged 25.7 years old, but they also know how to use gaming software and enjoy how competitive gaming can be.

Further, by branching out into the world of eSports, online casinos are ensuring they are staying relevant with younger generations. As Shaquille O’Neal said, eSports are the future.

There are also several economic benefits of online casinos merging with the eSports market. For instance, eSports tournaments for games like FIFA or NBA Live could easily be incorporated onto online casino platforms, as gamblers could bet on the game just like they do with real-life sporting matches like Premier League or NBA games.

While there would be logistics to work out, there is real potential for betting on eSports on online casino platforms.

It seems like almost every company in the entertainment industry is moving into some form of eSports. Considering the online casino sector is a perfect blend of sports and gaming already, it seems like a reasonable transition for online casinos to join forces with the eSports market in the new year.