How Online Entrepreneurs Become Successful

Seen online entrepreneurs making a living online? Wondering whether you can do the same? Well, I thought I would write an article that runs you through how online entrepreneurs become successful. These are all the elements that you really need to be having fall into place.

How They Make Money

Firstly, how do they make money? Well, there are plenty of ways to make money online, but I want to give you an overview of the main methods. I am going to stick to the methods that wouldn’t really require you to learn any new skills (e.g. programming websites). All of the methods below are ones that you could feasibly start making money from today.

Affiliate marketing: this is where you promote products on behalf of other people, and then collect a commission if the product is sold due to these efforts.

• eCommerce: you will be selling products online, often through your own website.

• Amazon: you will be selling products through the Amazon website, alternatively, you can act as an affiliate for Amazon.

• Consultancy: if you have experience in an area people want to spend money in e.g., writing, SEO, marketing etc. then you could act as a consultant.

I am confident that you already have some sort of idea about which route you want to go down on the ‘making money’ front. You can always look for internet marketing tips and reviews online and see what others are doing.

The Right Attitude

Having the right attitude is more important than anything. Some people believe that working an online job is going to be nice and easy. It isn’t. You are going to be your own boss. You are often going to be working longer hours than a ‘standard job’. You need to have the right attitude to do it.

You need to be passionate about what you are doing. This means that having an interest in your work is vital. You will be much more creative, and you will easily be able to find more ways to make money.

Motivation is pretty obvious here too. As I said, there will be long, hard hours. You need to make sure that you can stay in the right frame of mind, even if things do not seem to be going your way.

Finally, you need to be hard-working. You cannot be a successful entrepreneur if you are lazy. So many people fail at earning money because they just think that it is going to fall into their lap. It isn’t. I can assure you of that.


Successful entrepreneurs do their research before they throw a ton of money at anything. You need to understand what your customers want. You need to understand what your competitors are doing. You need to know whether you can meet the needs of both of these groups.

The more information you have when you jump into selling something online, the more chance you actually have to be successful doing it. This is why people are always encouraged to put together a business plan if they have the intention of making money with a business. It is a nice little guide on the things that they absolutely must be doing. It is also going to serve as a useful check on whether they are reaching their goals.

I am positive that there are some people that will jump into selling something online and be successful. However, I promise you that if this happens, it is going to be nothing more than pure luck (or perhaps a very innate talent).

Copying Others

I don’t mean just straight ‘copy and pasting’ even good idea that your competitors have. This is probably one of the quickest ways to kill your business.

Instead, you need to be looking at what seems to be working for your competitors and then refining their approach. Businesses always borrow ideas from one another. It is how the business world moves forward.

If you see that your competitor has a successful website, find out why the website is so successful. incorporate those ideas into your website, but add your own brand to them. You need to improve on whatever your competitor is doing, otherwise, you will never be more successful than your competitor.


Success doesn’t just happen in a bubble. Whether they like to admit it or not, I am confident that every single successful entrepreneur on this planet, online or offline, has had a mentor to guide them in the right direction. This is most likely going to be interacting with the mentor directly, but others may just rely on the information packed into the courses that they read.

Mentors will have business success. You can rely on their knowledge to tell you what sort of direction you should be heading in with your business. You can also rely on their knowledge to tell you when you are doing something wrong.

If you are not leaning on somebody experienced when making your own online business, I am confident you will fail.


Of course, with all of this, there will be a healthy dose of luck mixed in for good measure. Now, you won’t be relying on luck all that much if the other components do fall into place. However, you could still do everything right and still not be successful. That is the way the world works, sadly.

However, I am fairly confident that if you go in with the right attitude, you really can make your own luck!


Now you have seen how entrepreneurs can be successful, I am sure that you now know whether you have what it takes to be successful yourself.

Consider every word I wrote on this page. Go do your research. Go look at what your competitors are doing to make themselves successful. Get the right attitude. Get a mentor. If you do all of that, your chances of making money online will increase. In fact, you will be far better positioned than 99% of the people doing this.