Coronavirus Crisis Gives An Opportunity For AI To Shine

Novel Coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the functioning of the world and pushed people within the four walls of their house which has led to a plunge in the world economy and lives of people. It will not be wrong to say that the world is in a deep pit until right now. This virus has killed lakhs of people from all around the globe and infected more than 5 million people.

The outlook of the world has changed and so are the ways of treating this deadly virus as people are taking preventive health measures like social distancing, having a proper sleep schedule, and eating well. It is time for technologies to come into play and lead the battleground.

In fact, there are several technologies that have come into play to fight COVID-19 such as Blockchain, Nanotechnology, Synthetic biology, Artificial intelligence, and many more. Out of which AI has been mainly used to detect people with vital signs of coronavirus through sensors, CT scans, computerized tomography, and so forth.

AI has been a gift to humanity, from performing complex functions to being a part of almost every sector from all around the globe, AI has come a long way and given several advantages to people. During this time machine learning and deep learning have been prospering and changing dynamics of the world.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Tackling COVID-19

The future of artificial intelligence is bright and why shouldn’t it be? This technology can harness the best out of the organization, proves to be a cost-cutting initiative and so much more.

As per research, the AI market will yield profits and become a $190 billion industry by 2025, and no it doesn’t stop here, this technology will open several employment opportunities well. Professionals like Data Scientists, Robot Monitoring Experts, Content curators, and Automation Specialists will be highly leveraged.

Various mobile applications have come into play to educate people about the virus and deliver the right COVID-19 information on time. From taking home assessments to seeing who near you is infected mobile apps are using AI to take an active part in educating citizens. AI in app development is playing a major role and will continue to do so.

Hence, whether you’re choosing an Android app development company or opting for an iOS developer, the integration of AI technology in mobile applications can not only be beneficial for the users but also for global ventures.

There are certain examples of how AI technology is being used to track COVID 19 infection rate and assess people, here are few of the examples that can help you understand the application of AI and wide acceptance of this technology at this point in time

• This example comes from Qinghe railway station in Beijing where Chinese internet search giant Baidu has developed a technology using infrared and facial recognition that scans and takes photos for over 200 people in more than a minute.

• Automated facial recognition technologies are being used in Moscow to scan camera footage that identifies people who have recently arrived from China (which was considered as an epicenter of COVID-19)

These examples clearly exemplify the fact that AI is the armor to save people from COVID-19. AI has the ability to quickly go through government documents, conduct social media scans, and reports to tackle the growth and misinformation circulated according to WHO.

AI is able to predict, detect, respond, and recover patients at a fast pace. Here is another example of AI can accelerate the process of medicine making and save a lot of times and efforts:

A normal time to formulate a new medicine after a lethal virus is detected takes years because a lot goes into the process of medicine making. Algorithms are to be written after deep research in understanding the roots of the disease, then compounds are formulated that acts on the target sometimes these compounds are natural and sometimes they are man-made. There are many other processes that are carefully executed before they are fit for animal or human testing.

But AI streamlines all of these daunting processes and uses algorithms that can develop a new medicine within a few months. It is not only confined until here, but these medicines are also made to fight other fatal viruses that can arise in the future.

• At this point in time, AI is assessing millions of formulas to come out with medicine, AI is confidently able to match COVID-19 symptoms with other symptoms to come out with the best possible treatment that can ease patients out and help them recover faster.

• Drug companies like BenevolentAI, Innoplexus, Gero and various other companies are using AI and generating new medicines out of the old ones to create an effective pill or vaccine to fight this aggressive pathogen and soo far few drugs have come out to treat COVID-19 like rheumatoid, atazanavir and much more that have high potency.

• There are companies like Insilico medicine, Exscientia, Iktos, and SRI International that are making brand new medicines using AI technology.

• AI-driven chatbots have been able to educate people wisely about the Coronavirus outbreak and give them reliable information from authentic sources. This step has led people to somewhat stop the spread of information and understand the criticality of the virus.

There are various organizations that have joined hands together to fight novel coronavirus and AI is the most superior option. This technology has been clearly able to prove its worth at this tough time.

Summing Up

AI is an antidote of Coronavirus outbreak and has severely impacted the whole process of drug development. AI-powered masks, robots, drones are changing this era and bringing us closer to the technological world day by day. AI has helped people to stay at home and stop the spread of the virus.

Creating medicines out of old medicines to using surveillance systems to track down faces, AI technology has come a long way now and with time, this technology will redefine almost every sphere of life.

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