4 Options That You’re Likely to Find in an Upscale Pasta Restaurant

When one is in the mood for pasta, nothing else will do. Instead of spending time in the kitchen whipping up something, why not treat yourself and try a pasta restaurant that you’ve never been to before? A truly upscale establishment will have a menu varied enough to please just about every palate. Here are some examples of what you’re likely to find.

1. Traditional Favorites

The menu will likely include options that you’ve loved for years. Maybe you’re craving spaghetti with some beautiful specially-prepared meatballs and a zesty tomato-based sauce. It could be that you prefer a meat sauce that’s thick and adds more texture. The odds are that both will be on the menu and offered with a wonderful garden salad and plenty of garlic bread.

There will likely be other favorites that you can enjoy too, including beef or cheese ravioli, shrimp linguine, and other pasta dishes that may the most of beef, sausage, and cheese. In any event, you can look forward to entrees that are plentiful and perfectly seasoned.

2. And Some New Twists on Older Themes

There are likely to be some fun alternatives that you would like to try. Many of them will be inspired by other foods that don’t always include pasta in the mix. If you’re feeling more adventurous, one of those selections may be to your liking.

For example, how would you like a pasta dish that’s based on the idea of a cheeseburger? How about one that uses the traditional taco as the inspiration? There are some creative pasta dishes found in those better restaurants that could turn out to be some of your new favorites.

3. Options Other Than Wheat Pasta

Food allergies and some health issues make wheat a less than ideal selection for some people. That doesn’t mean you have to live without pasta for the rest of your life. What it does mean is that it makes sense to find a restaurant that offers pasta made with something other than wheat.

Did you know there are establishments that offer pasta made using cauliflower or almond flour instead? If you ask around, it won’t take long to find out what dishes can be prepared with those options. Don’t assume they aren’t offered just because they’re not mentioned on the main menu. A discreet call to the restaurant could confirm that they will use alternative forms of pasta upon request.

4. Vegan Selections

For those who prefer to keep their meals free of any type of animal-based ingredients, a higher-end pasta restaurant could be the perfect solution. There are many dishes that can be prepared with vegetable-based ingredients only. The result is that you can enjoy a meal that’s in line with your dietary preferences, tasty, and nutritious.

The fact that the portions are sufficient to sate your appetite without leaving you with a bloated feeling makes the experience all the better.

As with the alternative pasta, do call in advance and find out more about the vegan selections. You also want to ask if they are prepared in areas of the kitchen where animal by-products are not used. That ensures you don’t have to be concerned about anything ending up in the final dish that would be objectionable.

If you’re feeling hungry for pasta, call around today and find a place that has what you’re craving. You may be on the way to finding a new favorite place to dine out.