3 Effective Ways To Overcome Mental Blocks When Studying 

Every student in the world has those days when they try so hard to focus, but every time they look down at their books and notes, their eyes glaze over. This is because they are experiencing a mental study block. Sounds familiar? Well, mental study blocks are real and can be frustrating if you need to study for an exam coming up. 

Nevertheless, as a student, you know that giving up is not a viable option for this problem. For that reason, in this short article, we’ll take a look at three of the most effective ways to deal with such a problem and overcome mental blocks when studying, but first, let’s uncover what a mental block and the most typical causing factors of mental blocks for students are.

What Is A Mental Block? 

In a few fords, a mental block is whenever you find yourself unable to think clearly. You can also think of it as a mental barrier that prevents you from studying, staying motivated, being creative, and being productive.

Although many people think of mental blocks as something which only influences professional athletes, the truth is that mental blocks affect us all in many ways and can stop us from achieving the outcomes and goals we set for ourselves.

What Are The Main Causes Of Mental Blocks? 

In order to learn how to get over a mental block in studying, first, we need to understand the leading causes that make us experience mental blocks when we try to learn something new. 

To begin with, one of the biggest causes of mental blocks is the lack of focus and feeling overwhelmed. If you’re feeling stressed, tired, or anxious, this can all contribute to a lack of motivation and result in a mental block when studying.

Also, lacking structure in your studies can negatively contribute to experiencing a mental block while studying. Not keeping to preset routines and timetables can make things appear chaotic, which can make it even harder to focus on the assignments you need to get done.

Last but not least, not setting smart goals for yourself can also negatively contribute to getting mental blocks. Not looking at the future and thinking about the outcomes of your efforts can also result in you feeling stuck and may make it harder to overcome every day studying barriers and challenges. 

3 Effective Ways To Overcome Mental Blocks 

1. Switch Your Environment 

If you’re lying on the bed in your room trying to study a tricky diagram, you might be struggling to capture its meaning, which can lead to feelings of concern, stress, and confusion. A good thing to do in this situation is to switch your environment.             

Take your book and go to another part of your home, into the garden if you have one, or to an outdoor space nearby. People’s brain has a cheeky way of connecting how we feel with where we are. So, if you feel like you’re experiencing mental blocks in your room, switch your studying environment to see if it can relieve any stress and allow your mind to be de-cluttered, and re-approach the problem.

2. Get Some Much Needed Sleep 

While regular sleep is one of the best things for our well-being, as a student, it’s often something we neglect in favor of one more episode of our favorite TV show. Nevertheless, to successfully overcome a mental block and improve your overall cognitive performance, getting seven to eight hours of sleep at night is as essential as breathing fresh air. 

So, if you’re stuck on a particular topic or feeling like it’s too late and your brain is locked for the night, it may be the perfect time to get some quality rest. A good night’s sleep can contribute to a fresh approach the next day, with a refueled and ready-to-go brain. 

3. Get Active

Last but not least, you’ll be amazed to know how closely linked and reliant upon each other the body and the mind genuinely are. A bit of physical exercise, regardless of whether it’s as simple as a walk around in the nearby park, or a more intense gym session, permits your brain to have a break from the pressure it’s put under through study.

Exercising will help you fill your neural networks with a range of positive endorphins and allow you to return to your studies feeling revived.

Final Thoughts On Overcoming Mental Blocks 

At various stages within our academic life, everyone encounters a vast array of study materials that you may not understand right away and cause concerns in the form of mental blocks. Use the tips mentioned above that many people have found helpful over the years and help yourself overcome that mental block momentarily.