Tips To Buying The Perfect Parasol For Your Outdoor Space

There is nothing more amazing than a perfect outdoor space where you can relax in the summer, entertain, and even sunbathe if you want to. However, as much as you may enjoy sitting outside in your backyard to relax, you may need some shade to protect your skin from the hot sun.

Parasols will provide protection and shade while you relax in your garden. If you are hosting family and friends, they offer the perfect shade as you eat and make memories.

Wooden garden parasols not only provide shade for your garden but also add some pop of color, style, and glamor to your outdoor. Therefore, if you want to buy a parasol for your garden, this article will give you tips to find the perfect one for your outdoor space.

Consider the size of your lounge area.

Before you go buying a parasol, check the area you want shade. If you wish the parasol to cover the table and chairs, take measurements for that area. Use a tape measure and take measurements of the area to ensure it’s a perfect fit.

Remember to leave a small margin to allow the wind on the canvas; this applies to parasols with side poles that adjust in size with strong winds.

Ensure you also identify the best place to put it. For example, avoid installing it next to structures such as your roof, grilling area, or your walls because that can spoil it over time.

Size of the parasol

Garden parasols are created in varying sizes, so you have to determine the width and diameter that will suit your space. The standard parasol size is two meters in height. However, you can find others with adjustable heights between two meters and more than four meters.

Select fabric that can withstand the outdoors

The material used to make your canopy is essential. Since the canopy must always be tight, it can easily rip off if the parasol is low hanging. Some even get destroyed by extended exposure to sunlight.

You must choose a canopy material that can withstand strong sunlight. The most common canopy material is polyester, but dark colors may begin to fade over time. It would be best if you also looked for a waterproof parasol. However, it is not good to leave your parasol outside when it is raining.

The type of parasol you need

There are different types of parasols to choose from. You can also choose any color you like or one that will go with the color scheme you’ve chosen for your garden. Some of the typical styles you will come across are;

Cantilever parasols – this type of parasol has the pole placed on the side. This means that the parasol will cover your lounging area without being on the way. And with the option of rotating at 360 degrees, you can always move it whichever way you need to provide shade.

Upright parasols – the parasols pole is in the middle of the canopy. The canopies can vary in shape from circular, rectangular, or even square.

Tilting parasols – this one is almost similar to the upright parasol, but it has the option of tilting the parasol until it sits where you want.