Planning a Perfect Baby Shower? Here’s What You Need to Do

Even before a baby is born, parents are excited to celebrate. And this celebration can be fun and special because it’s not only about welcoming a baby into the family but also a celebration of them becoming parents as well. 

If you are planning for this, you are most likely to plan for a baby shower. It can be very exciting, but it also entails full of tasks and responsibilities. So here is an ultimate checklist for you to help you keep things manageable and make this event memorable for you and for your baby. Having a good plan will make you stress-free.

Have a Baby Shower Theme

This is one of the most exciting parts of planning. You can decide on a specific theme once you know the baby’s gender. Some of the themes can be inspired by children’s stories, nature or animal motifs, garden, children’s movies, or just plain colors that can represent the baby or the parents’ interests or hobbies. Your food to be served will also be based on the theme. 

Decide on a Date

Baby showers can be held before or after the baby comes. Should you decide to celebrate it before the baby comes, this can be done about two months before you give birth. This will give you time to prepare baby essentials that might be given as gifts during the shower. While if you want to celebrate it after delivery, you can plan in anywhere between first to the eighth week.

Make a Guest List

Your guest list will depend on the type of party theme that you want to have. But if both parents are excited to have this, you might as well have a guest list with both parents’ family members and friends. Once you have decided on this, prepare to make invitations for distribution.

Break the Ice

Prepare a program and include some ice breakers. There are a lot of baby shower games that you can have from the simplest bring me, or if you are having a virtual party, you can have a baby due date guessing game, or a bingo game that will encourage your guests to participate and feel comfortable with different people of different ages. 

Get a Photographer and Videographer

Aside from making a guest book for everyone to sign and write their wishes for the baby, you can also make the whole event memorable by hiring a photographer or a videographer. Every photo will become a very important part of the baby shower. Your baby will be very happy to see these photos and videos when she has grown up. You get extra bonus points if you get some super cute baby shower backdrops for the photos.

Prepare Party Favors

For your guests to remember you and your child, you can give them some creative favors. This will serve as your token of gratefulness to them for joining you in welcoming a baby to your family. A personalized token will be a very unique idea and your guests will surely cherish the moment of coming to your baby shower.

Having a baby is such a beautiful blessing and is it is worth celebrating for. This also makes friends and family members feel proud because they are playing an important role in the baby’s life. Make this a celebration of becoming a parent and a celebration of life, too.