Pet Insurance 101: Everything You Need to Know!

Are you still figuring out whether or not to take pet insurance? Well, the answer to that is straightforward. Stop thinking too hard and get your pet insured.

Your pet also needs insurance cover, considering the high veterinary costs. But before you even kick start the process, it is essential to know and understand pet insurance nitty-gritty. Worry not. Today’s article covers valuable information that you need to consider beforehand.

Pet Insurance Is Not a Straightforward Industry

Unlike humans, who have readily available medical insurance at every turn, it is different for pets since not many pet insurance companies are available. For the few that exist, not many are known.

Therefore, the first step is to ask for credible referrals. The first starting point is the pet shop or pet organization you purchased your pet from. They have a readymade contact list of all pet insurances they work with or have worked with now and in the past. You will be surprised at how easy and less time-consuming it is, considering they will refer you to reputable insurance companies with the best coverage plans.

The top best Pet insurance companies to consider in 2022 include Pumpkin, Healthy Paws, Embrace Pet Insurance, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, Spot Pet Insurance, and Lemonade. Each has its unique services, which you should look at when selecting. You can sign up with Embrace Pet Insurance if you have older pets. For comprehensive coverage, Pumpkin and Healthy Paw. Check out more info on

Take An Insurance Cover Early

The perfect time to get your pet insured is during its formative years when it is healthy with no pre-existing medical conditions. Like us humans, medical insurance companies do not cover specific ailments. Therefore, if you take medical insurance for your pet when it is older, the chances are that if it is diagnosed with pre-existing conditions or requires an elective procedure, the company might not cover it.

Such leaves you to foot the medical bill, which can be financially draining, especially when dealing with a serious ailment. The longer you delay, the more chances your pet will experience health issues deemed as pre-existing conditions, hence excluded from the cover. Therefore, it becomes imperative to consult your veterinary doctor to help conduct a thorough medical examination for your pet before taking up pet insurance.

Available Coverage for Exotic Animals

Traditionally, the common pets are cats and dogs, but other people keep more exotic animals such as tigers, rabbits, snakes, and lizards. Though insurance for cats and dogs is a standard service, some companies have moved into offering insurance for exotic pet creatures.

Therefore, it would be best to research widely and inquire about companies that provide exotic pet insurance plans if you have an exotic pet. However, it is imperative to note that exotic pet insurance could attract high monthly premiums.

Read Between the Fine Lines on the Contract

I can bet you never read your first pet insurance contracts in-depth and fully understand all the clauses. Well, the downside to that is that you will sign up for things blindly that could later affect you legally or financially. By reading in-depth, you will know what is covered or not covered. That way, you are well prepared to know how much you need to foot from your pocket or whether the pet insurance you plan to take is worth the money.

Know Which Pet Insurance Coverage You Want

The insurance you decide to take for your pet boils down to how much money you wish to spend. Generally, there are three kinds of insurance pet coverage. These are accident cover only, accident and wellness cover, and insurance with a wellness package.

Accident cover insurance is straightforward as it covers typical accidents such as physical injuries. Accident and illness insurance cover is the most common since it covers accident-related injuries and illnesses such as digestive problems, allergies, and infections.

Finally, insurance with embedded wellness is the most comprehensive of all the covers, making it a costly option. Pet wellness comprises preventative care given to pets, and these include vaccinations, routine physical exams, grooming, and bloodwork, all of which will attract high insurance premiums. Nonetheless, regardless of whichever cover you opt for, there are benefits for you and your pet, both financially and health-wise.

Pet Insurance Is Worth It

Medical costs are rising. It is advisable to have an insurance health cover even for your pet. If your favorite pet is insured, you will be guaranteed peace of mind without the need to choose between your finances and your pet’s health, as all or most of the health expenses will be covered by the insurance company.