31 Best Pinky Promise Quotes: The Sacred Wow of Friendship

Sometimes, while scrolling through social media, I see my friends posting images of pinky promise quotes. They bring me back to childhood, when pinky promises meant the world and breaking them was like breaking a sacred vow!

My friends and I still make pinky promises to each other every now and then. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old for a pinky promise!

To prove that, I wanted to assemble a list of my favorite pinky promise quotes. Now, I want to share that list with you. I hope it will put a smile on your face and remind you of the power of friendship and keeping promises. After you’ve read some of these quotes, I think you’ll want to grab your friends and swear the vow of friendship once more.

31 Best Pinky Promise Quotes

Pinky Promise Quotes That Show the Power of a Promise

#1. “I believe in pinky promises.”

#2. “Still uses pinky promises as a legitimate foundation of trust.

#3. “A pinky is small, but the secrets it holds are huge.

#4. “Your pinky may be the smallest finger but it’s capable of holding the biggest secrets.

#5. “Remember back when a pinky promise meant everything?”

#6. “Their pinky fingers are still waiting for one another, to come and hold, to make again a promise… Just a ‘pinky promise’.

#7. “We started our relationship based on pinky promises, where we linked our pinkies and kissed our hands to demonstrate that we cannot lie and break that bond. Because like little kids a pinky promise means a lot more.

#8. “Mom, I was 10 when you let me chop onions. I had hurt my finger. Today I am 20, and I realize knife could never hurt my pinky finger the way promises do.” — Subiya Hussain

Pinky Promise Quotes About Friendship

#9. “Rain or shine, I’ll always be there. Pinky promise.

#10. “I pinky promise we’ll always be best friends through whatever. Best friends forever.

#11. “I pinky promise that we will make up for the lost time we didn’t spend together.

#12. “Let’s swear each with our pinky. We’ll be the best of friends until we are old and wrinkly.

#13. “I pinky promise… that we’ll still be best friends when we’re old and in nursing homes chasing each other around in our mobile chairs.

#14. “I can’t promise to fix all your problems but I can promise you that you won’t have to face them all alone.“

#15. “Promise me, you won’t forget our laughs, our jokes, our smiles, our conversations, our plans, our tears, our memories, our experiences, our friendship.

#16. “I promise to support you in whatever you choose to do. I promise not to judge you. I promise to be silly and laugh with you. A lot. I promise to be honest with you. I promise to remind you every day how much I care about you. I promise to never break your heart. My only request, is your promise too.”

#17. “A friend’s promise: If you need to need to talk, I’ll listen. If you need to cry, I’ll hold you. If you feel lost, I’ll help guide you. If you need to be angry, I’ll let you. If you’re feeling afraid, I’ll comfort you. If you’re feeling attacked, I’ll be your defense. If you need to lean awhile, I’ll give you a shoulder. If you’re feeling unsure, I’ll be your confidence. If you’re feeling alone, I’ll be the friend who won’t leave you. If you need to learn to trust again, I’ll prove to you that you can.”

Pinky Promise Quotes About Love

#18. “I pinky promise today, tomorrow, always.”

#19. “I pinky swear. Irrevocably in love.

#20. “He’s mine forever. We pinky promised.

#21. “I love you to infinity and beyond. That’s a pinky promise.

#22. “I pinky swear… I will love you forever. And you can’t break a pinky swear.” – Kerrigan Lyga

#23. “I can’t promise you a perfect relationship without arguments over our differences and trust issues. However, I can promise you that as long as you’re trying, I’m staying.

#24. “I pinky promise that I will love you to infinity and beyond, stay by your side in times of trouble… I will worship our love by trusting you in every stage of my life and to lend myself to you forever and ever” — Omaima Khan

#25. “Dear Soulmate, even if we don’t work out in this lifetime, just pinky promise me, we will try harder in our next.

#26. “Dear future hubby, I know it’s stupid writing to someone who hasn’t even reached yet, but, you do deserve this stupidity, too. Cause, you are going to handle every stupidity of mine… I am waiting for you wholeheartedly but won’t force you to come fast. Cause, maybe you too are busy sorting out your problems and making yourself the best for me or just making your dreams come true… I know it will be hard for you to handle me as I am too crazy but, I swear that I will try to be the best girl I can… Today, it’s my pinky promise to you, the love of my life…” — Jyoti Dixit

Pinky Promise Quotes From Celebrities

#27. “I want you to f*****g pinky promise me you won’t do it. No fan of mine will kill themselves. Don’t do it, for me. I love you.” — Alex Gaskarth

#28. “Staring at my outstretched pinky questioningly his perfect lips twitched into a smile. Pinky promise?” — Natalie Valdes, “Pinky Promise?”, 2011

#29. “Do you really love me?”


“Do you promise?”


“Pinky swear?”

“Pinky swear?” She chuckled. “Where on earth did you learn that?”

“From TV. Now do it. Give me your pinky swear, hayati.” — Jaid Black, Subjugated, 2010

Pinky Promise Quotes Are Older Than You Think

#30. “Did you know? Pinky promise originally indicated that the person who breaks the promise must cut off their pinky finger.

#31. “Pinky, pinky bow-bell,

Whoever tells a lie

Will sink down to the bad place [sic]

And never rise up again.” — Dictionary of Americanisms: A Glossary of Words and Phrases Usually Regarded As Peculiar to the United States, 1860

To conclude

No matter who we are and what cards life has dealt us, we all need two things — love and friendship. Love and friendship are built on trust. We gain trust by keeping our promises.

Lock your pinkies with people and don’t worry about anyone judging you. There is an innocent child inside every one of us, and it will remember how important a pinky swear is. This way, you may never again want to give promises you cannot keep.

Always keep your promises no matter what and your pinky won’t hurt. I hope these lovely pinky promise quotes help you out with that!