Top 3 Places in Turkey to Get a Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation involves moving a small fraction of hair-bearing follicles from the donor site to the thinning or balding area of an individual’s scalp. The procedure can be used to regrow hair on the chest, eyelashes, and brow in addition to treating baldness. You can also use it to cure baldness. It has the potential to be an effective medication for the treatment of permanent hair loss in individuals.

Do Hair Transplants Result In Healthy Hair?

In most cases, hair transplants are more effective than hair restoration products that you may purchase over the counter. However, there are a few things to take into consideration:

Just like natural hair, hair that has been transplanted will thin out with time.

Plasma therapy may help up to 75 percent or more of transplanted hairs fully grow back, according to a study published in 2016. People with dormant hair follicles may have less successful transplants, but a study published in 2016 suggests that plasma therapy may help.

Some people are not good candidates for hair transplants.

Because the majority of transplants are performed using the patient’s hair, they are not as efficient in treating patients who have:

  • Loss of hair on a vast scale, including thinning and balding, caused by chemotherapy or other drugs
  • Injury scars that are deep and numerous on the scalp

The Benefits of Getting a Hair Transplant

A person who has had a hair transplant will notice a significant improvement in their appearance once the treatment is over. This is the primary advantage of having a hair transplant performed. It will offer the impression that you are younger and will boost your inner confidence in all of your contacts, whether they are social or professional.

Increased self-esteem: Unexpected hair loss can be traumatic for some people, shattering their confidence and lowering their self-esteem. Their perspective on life is usually improved whenever there is the possibility of regaining a more youthful look, particularly in situations in which the indicators of aging arrive earlier than expected.

The procedure has several scientific advantages, one of which is that the new hair regrowth is consistent and maintains its integrity for an extended period. The appearance of natural hair is recreated through the process of hair transplantation. Follicle grafts that only have a few hairs in them are used in this procedure.

After that, specialists will carefully position these tiny grafts all over the head to produce a full head of naturally occurring hair. The hair appears natural because the person who receives it is also the person who donates it.

A straightforward process: the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, making the therapy an acceptable level of risk. In addition, it does not result in substantial consequences for those not subjected to a significant number of graft procedures.

After the conclusion of the treatment, the individual will no longer require additional treatments to maintain their hair’s healthy growth. The hair that has been transplanted will continue to grow throughout its existence.

Which Technique Is The More Time-Efficient Option?

No single operation is noticeably quicker than any other. Several elements come into play, including the surgeon’s level of expertise and experience, the flexibility of the patient’s skin, and the quality control procedures that the specialist and the surgical staff employ.

Is There A Visual Difference Between An FUE Graft And A FUT Graft?

When the grafts have been removed, FUE and FUT (Strip) grafts have very different appearances. Because FUE grafts are harvested individually, there is a risk that the bottom tissue will be torn, resulting in some damage. This is a natural occurrence during FUE harvesting and does not constitute transection.

However,  n order to prepare FUT (Strip) grafts for implantation, the donor area is cut away in the form of a strip of skin, and the grafts are then precisely trimmed into individual pieces under a microscope.

The Short-Term Risks Associated With Getting A Hair Transplant

Inflammation and transient itching are two common side effects that patients report experiencing following surgery. The patient should not be overly concerned as the irritation will often subside within a week in most instances.

In addition to inflammation, parts of the scalp can become infected, leading to significant bleeding. It may be possible to alleviate the pain and bring the infection under control by using antibiotic creams or pills.

Because the nerves in the treated area are severed during seeding hair follicles, another potential risk is swelling of the scalp and a lack of sensation or numbness. The swelling will go away, but the numbness may stick around for up to six months or longer, depending on how long it takes the nerves to heal.

There is always a possibility that the transplanted hair will fall out temporarily, in some cases known as shock loss. On the other hand, this loss is typically inconsequential concerning the quantity of hair transplanted.

Clinic Specializing In Hair Transplantation In Turkey

1- Capilclinic

Capilclinic always uses the most advanced methods during the hair transplant surgeries they do. When it comes to providing services for hair transplantation, the clinic is experienced in the FUT and FUE processes. The FUE technique is the most commonly used at the clinic because it is the most popular method in the market.

Many of the clinic’s surgeons have made important contributions to creating methods that simplify and expedite the hair transplant procedure. It is now expected that any top-tier clinic will employ specialists with in-depth expertise in the FUE procedure because it has become the de facto standard. Therefore, to provide you with effective services that can meet all of your requirements, the clinic makes use of the FUE procedure.

There are numerous locations of the Capilclinic, and the fee for having a hair transplant is influenced by the region where the clinic is situated. Prices are significantly lower in Turkey. This is because Turkey has flourished as a health tourism destination due to significant investments made by the government in this sector.

As a direct consequence of this, a great number of hair graft facilities have emerged. These medical centers provide high-quality care at reasonable prices. Because of this, Turkey has established itself as the global leader and epicenter of the hair transplant industry.

2- Turkeyana Clinic

Because the Turkeyana Clinic approaches plastic surgery from the perspective that “beauty is a natural integrated image,” they concentrate not only on the areas of the body that require enhancement but also on the patient’s overall appearance. They provide the procedures that are best suited to achieve a beautiful natural appearance.

When it comes to cosmetic work, success is determined by how difficult it is to notice the changes that have been made. If the change occurs naturally and is difficult to see, we can claim that the cosmetic procedure was performed successfully.

The concept of beauty is not restricted to a single location; rather, it refers to the interconnectedness of “spirit and body.” Everyone aspires to achieve absolute beauty, but their goal is to achieve the natural charm that best complements each person’s unique characteristics.

At Turkeyana Clinic, they place a strong emphasis on the all-encompassing nature of our findings. They adhere to the first principle of medicine, which states that the patient should never be harmed in any way, and they do not force any particular procedures on you.

Instead, they provide solutions that are tailored to your situation. As a result, they make a variety of cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, available to you. Hands perform these procedures with high expertise, professionalism, and exceptional quality.

Turkeyana Clinic’s objective is to provide you with the highest levels of quality, expertise, medical treatment, and total integrity. Its goal is to inspire you to make positive changes in your life on all fronts—socially, professionally, and personally—so that you can enjoy a more fulfilling and vibrant existence.

At Turkeyana Clinic, they work hard to provide each of their visitors with an unforgettable experience. They are concerned with every aspect of you to give you a memorable experience during your medical treatment.

At Turkeyana Clinic, they strive to maintain open lines of contact with each patient. They are here to help you through each stage of the journey, providing medical follow-up that adheres to the strictest quality standards and is performed by the administrative and medical staff members with the most experience and expertise.

3- MedArt Hair Clinic

MedArt Hair Clinic is a well-known hair transplant clinic in Istanbul that provides high-caliber patient care and hair treatments that use the most recent technological advancements. They have a skilled physician and a committed team of specialists chosen based on their skills after completing their training and internships at various hospitals and clinics in Turkey and other countries.

They consider every hair transplant procedure to be one of a kind, and they put in a lot of effort to ensure that their patient’s needs are met while also exceeding their expectations. In addition, they have qualified interpreters who can perform simultaneous translations in Turkish, English, German, Arabic, Italian, and Spanish.