Top 10 Places To Eat In The US For 2020

With the ongoing pandemic situation, many people are certain that life is really unpredictable. We all had our plans to travel, to study and also for families. However, the plans are now down the drain.

Yet, the other thing that keeps our spirits alive is that we will be back on roads soon. So, to the days when we will make our way back to the places that we love, you need to plan your trips beforehand.

Planning is the crucial part and most people tend to ignore the most important points during their plans. As I have been on the road for a few years now, I have learned that never go without knowing about the places to eat. Yes, it’s right because you don’t want to spend a day walking on the streets and finding the right place for you, it is exhausting.

So, in any case, you have plans for next visit to any places in the US, here is the list of top 10 places you can always count on for feeding your belly to the fullest.

Are you ready to find out the amazing places to eat out there? Follow us to get more information!!

1. Pisces Poke & Ramen – Los Angeles, CA

If you want something fresh and finely cooked, you need to add this place to your list. Pisces Poke & Ramen is located in Los Angeles, just open the map and let it direct you towards it. The ambiance of the restaurants is refreshing and inviting too. Moreover, you get to have delicious food. Also, with the situation of COVID-19, you can order it at your place or take away.

2. Farmbird – Washington DC

This is the family restaurant catering to the needs of both the kids and parents. Also, the place can be ideal for those who live for fun and joy. You can get the roasted chicken with bold flavors and tasty spices.

Anything on the menu is serviced fresh and prepared on a daily basis. So, if you are a chicken lover or even you want to try something mouthwatering, this place needs to be on your list too.

3. Cocina Madrigal – Phoenix, AZ

The situation is a little tough right now, but that doesn’t mean that we should not enjoy eating our favorite food. So, here is when we come to a place like Cocina Madriga. Get your tequila right by the side of your meal. So, grab the first opportunity and order your exclusive meal from them and enjoy the day deliciously.

4. Karved – Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is famous for its party animals. No doubt, the place has the spell to bound you with the party mood. However, in case you are a foodie too, you are lucky to be on this land.

Karved is always ready to serve their food ranging from all kinds of sandwiches and burgers to serve your appetite. It is open all week and you can order, takeout or dine-in if not closed for it due to unfortunate circumstances.

5. Bulegreen Cafe Yard – Oakland Park, FL

The ambiance of this café is worth enjoying your evening. You can just sit there with tea and relax. The café serves all kinds of snacks you crave at the team time. They bake them fresh and deliver them at your place according to your instructions.

So, whether it is a crunchy French toast or beef brisket sandwich, you can make it a special evening for the rest of the life. Are you adding it up to the list? Well, you must!!

6. Ugly Baby, NYC

The name may say it Ugly, but it is a Thai restaurant with an aesthetic ambiance. People enjoy their dates and sometimes meetings at this place. You can have a full meal at a reasonable price and trust me everything on the menu is worth trying. For the current situation, they might not be offering any home delivery or pickup. But you can takeout while your way back from office.

7. Usha Foods, NYC

If you are in love with Indian sweets and food, you can get them there. Usha Foods is all about vegetarian Indian snacks, sweets and fast foods. You can check-in there for street foods. The absolute love of the taste buds and delicious enough to steal your heart right away. Yes, the feeling is beyond any kind of magic or spell.

8. Craft Pita – Houston, TX

If you haven’t tasted the Mediterranean cuisines by now, you must try Craft Pia. Houston is full of options, but this one stands out among all other cafes. So, do not just pass by or ignore it. Try the modern lifestyle with an active choice in the food. You may feel refreshing after it because they don’t fill you with too many spices.

In fact, the simple and easy to digest food can give you a better way to see life.

9. Garlic Yuzu – Las Vegas, NV

People who have visited this place hoot for the Ramen served there. So, if you love their or visiting it for a fun time, you need to try it at any cost. Spend some time dining in at this amazing place. So, add it to the top of your list and make sure you eat from this restaurant on your next visit to Las Vegas and party hard with your loved ones.

10. Scotty’s Cafe – Columbus, OH

The place just not claim to offer you the best breakfast and lunch, but they serve as promised. So, while you are in Columbus, do not forget to enjoy this particular café as you wouldn’t like to miss it at all. Now, it is time to grab something fresh in the morning and spend all day thinking about it. Yes, the meal in Scotty’s café can addictive.

Remember that most of the above-mentioned places are included in the list of yelp. If you are looking for something to save your day out there, you have the top list of restaurants for it. Go and grab and your meal right now!!

Isn’t It Tempting?

You can check the list includes all kinds of restaurants and cafes. The list may not end here, but you can keep looking to the one’s you think worthy of tasting the food. So, pick up your loved ones and take out the meal of their choices along with your own lunch or breakfast.

If the place is open for dine-in even in the COVID-19, you are lucky to enjoy the ambiance of these places too. So, do not forget to have a great meal any time in a day because eat the end, it is always about what you are eating. So, make it worth your time and taste.