Need to Relax? Consider Heading to These Places to Enjoy London in the Summertime

While London may not have lovely beaches, it’s still an extremely interesting place to visit. Whether you’d like some excitement or want to do something relaxing, you can likely find an activity to enjoy. Consider a few ways you can have a relaxing summer holiday in this fabulous city.

1. Chelsea Flower Show

At the Chelsea Flower Show, the world’s best landscape designers gather together to attend a competition for building beautiful flower gardens. The artistry of the creations is truly astounding. Further, immersive presentations range from conservation to plant healing.

2. Tennis at Wimbledon

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3. BBC Proms

If you love listening to classical music or would like to hear it in person for the first time, BBC Proms has an annual presentation of performances at various venues that lasts 8 weeks each year. Watch professional musicians play imaginative tunes from musicals, or see the world’s finest orchestras play classical concertos. Plus, you can attend an amazing performance at a fair price.

4. Hyde Park

Londoners love to hang out in Hyde Park, the city’s largest park, in the summer. You can invite friends and family to have a picnic or throw a Frisbee. Additionally, you can watch a film screening, head to a large music festival, or find another activity to do.

5. Regent’s Park Open Air Theater

The Open Air Theater in Regent’s Park hosts plays that take place throughout the summer season in the event. You can bring the kids to watch a children’s theater performance, or enjoy Shakespeare or opera. You can teach your children how exciting it can be to express yourself as the actors do in the plays.

6. Swim in the Serpentine

Despite the heat, you’ll likely still want to head outside, so why not try swimming? You can get some physical exercise and tone up your physique. Alternatively, you can bring a book with you to read, or lay out in the sun and get a nice suntan. Hyde Park has a man-made lake called the Serpentine where you can swim or relax in a lounge. Each day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Serpentine is open from June through September.

7. Outdoor Cinemas

You can watch a classic movie in the open air on a rooftop or ferry, in a cemetery, or in Hyde Park, or Trafalgar Square, among other places in London. Viewing movies in unique environments can make the experience extra exciting and meaningful. Remember to bring a bowl of popcorn or another of your favorite snacks and some drinks so you can sit back and relax.

8. Mayfair Art Weekend

Since viewing art can be a calming and even therapeutic activity, you might take pleasure in attending Mayfair Art Weekend. You can walk along the Mayfair Sculpture Trail and see engaging pieces such as a copper pine tree, a bronze sculpture, and numerous others. You can head to the Mayfair Art Weekend website to view a map and more details about the artwork.

In light of this information, London has some truly worthwhile activities to take part in. In fact, if you can’t stand the heat, you can find shade at a rooftop bar and grab a drink or a bite to eat. So you can forget about heading to the beach and take pleasure in all of the activities London has to offer.

9. West End Theatre

If you are in London, then once in your life you must go to the West End district, the main commercial and entertainment center of the city. West End shows are one of the brilliant ways to spend your evening.