5 Old-school Playground Games to Teach Your Kid

As a parent, you already know how important it is for your kids’ development to play outside. It is all about socialising and increasing mobility. Many children-friendly places are popping up in the neighbourhood.

And producers of those places, like PDPlay, introduce more and more educational properties to a traditional playground. But it is still just a playground, and sometimes it is not enough to be there, you have to propose a game. Here are five old-school games to teach your kid.

Hide and seek

Finding anything is a common interest for children. This is why you loved to play this game when you were a kid. You pick a number that you later count to and another person or a lot of people hide. Once you are done counting, simply find them all. This simple game is so effective no matter the generation, it is unreal.

Capture the flag

Another classic game embedded in your memory. For this one, you need to invite fellow parents and their children to participate, as it is most fun in a bigger group. Split into two teams and make sure to have a flag at your team’s base. Then protect your territory and send your enemies to jail. A flag and a little bit of imagination are all you need to bring joy to the playground.

Jump rope and double dutch

Jump rope is a perfect way to help your kid with timing skills. He or she can jump on their own, but try to engage as many children as possible. You can always think of some jump rope rhymes to make it more attractive for the kids.

Red light, green light

A great proposition when there is a smaller group of kids on the playground. One person is the traffic light, and the others stand behind. When the traffic light faces other children, they must freeze, when the light faces the wall, they can get closer. A person who first touches the traffic light wins.

Simon says

Lastly, everyone’s favourite, Simon says! Can be played anywhere, but if you are at a colourful playground, it will be an exciting game. One person says, Simon says, and follows that with action. Then everyone must do the activity. All you need is a dash of imagination.