Top 5 Things Players Should Know Before Playing GTA 5 RP

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Things every player should be aware of before he plays GTA RP

The following are some vital things that every player should be aware of before he begins to play GTA RP:

What does GTA RP mean?

GTA 5 RP is considered to be a modified variation of GTA Online. Players can play GTA 5 RP on an adapted GTA 5 client, and each client possesses its merits and demerits. Again, every client permits players to host servers to control the environment and the server. Commonly, it regulates the confusion that happens in the online games of GTA.

The aspect of “Role Playing” in GTA 5 RP allows a player to form his unique character, and they can work as NPCs. Hence, a player can turn into a hobo, police officer, shop owner, fireman, driver of a cab, etc. A player can also browse various servers and perform various jobs using their characters. This way, players can form an exclusive storyline that would support their GTA RP character.

The method of playing GTA RP

If a player wants to take part in GTA 5 RP, he will be required to download the client. Among various clients, FiveM is the preferred one in this aspect. When players open FiveM on their computers, then it displays every FiveM GTA RP server available on the client. And when they discover the server that they wish to join, then they can choose it. Again, they are also required to wait so that they can get connected.

The well-known GTA RP Servers

All the servers are found with their set of rules, and players need to go through all of them before they join. The majority of these servers need a player to go through a process of sign-up, and some well-known servers, such as NoPixel, are very strict when the matter zeroes on their rules and regulations. The well-known GTA RP servers are Eclipse RP, NoPixel, GTA World, Mafia City, and TheFamilyRP.

Rules for the servers of GTA RP

Though every server is found with its own set of rules, some rules that can be deployed on most of the servers are:

• No Powergaming – A player is not allowed to do anything that he can’t do in real life.

• No OOC moments – Players are hoped to roleplay and be OOC, and they can’t be out of character or OOC as it is not permitted.

• No Deathmatching – While playing GTA 5 RP, players can’t kill each other, and if they do this, they need to provide valid reasons for doing this.

• No Metagaming – A player is not allowed to propose in-character or IC information to other players via OOC means.

The host puts the majority of these rules for keeping the world of GTA RP a little less messy and preventing anarchy. All these rules form a fun surrounding for players who want to further their character’s storyline.

The well-known streamers of GTA RP

GTA RP has witnessed some well-known streamers, such as MoistCr1TiKaL, xQc, and Sykkuno, join in. And it has resulted in an unexpected increase in viewership. Streamers have made some memorable and exclusive characters on GTA RP as they made a consistent and comprehensive backstory, appearance, quirks, and personalities.

For example, the character of Anthony, Tony Corleone, has got a highly distinctive voice. On the other hand, the character of Sykunno Yuno Sykk does wear a green suit. This makes them unique and identifiable in online sessions.