Pop of Color 

A lot of features go into making your space attractive; the people, the purpose of its existence (for a study, kitchen, living room, bathroom, garage, etc.), and the things inside it. These interesting features are most often than not, indispensable. Pop of color is one of such indispensable features for your wall art or any aesthetic object within your space.

A pop of color is that seemingly minute but dominant feature of your work that projects and enhances the aesthetics outlook of that particular object.


Brightly colored birds are a wonder to behold. From their dexterous maneuvering from one tree branch to the other, chirping, to their joyous chatters, one cannot but be tempted to stare in endless amazement at these wonderful creatures.

From the Splendid Fairy Wren, Lilac-breasted Roller, Indian Peafowl, Lady Gouldian Finch, Wilson’s bird-of-paradise, Parrot, the Red-bearded Bee-Eater, the same conglomeration of eyes popping colors exist. You might want to consider any or all of these birds for a pop of color wall art in your room, considering the eclectic abundance of colors they possess.

Look through the Elephant Stock photo gallery for beautiful brightly colored birds to add spice to your pop of color feature in your home. 


Some animal skin tones are just so attractive you cannot afford but to be transfixed for a while! Is it the wonders of the zebra skin, or that of cheetah, or your pet dog at home? With the diverse brand of species and cross-bred species, you cannot but be amazed at the beauty you behold; it might be too much than what you bargained for!

The Elephant Stock wall art gallery is poised to walk you through viewing these wonderful and amazing animals with their arrays of pop of colors. 


Your eyes are trained to recognize the most important colors first before others. This is why you would easily notice a person wearing bright colored wear in a painting, photograph before others. Similarly, to have a pop of color accent for that your dainty wall art, you would need to use a more dominant primary hue; you aim to make that particular area of the wall art or even the whole wall art the cynosure of all eyes.


Indeed, some plants are a bore when it comes to colors. Nevertheless, you cannot deny the fact that some are a beauty to behold. From their sturdy bark to their branches and beautiful colored ferns, leaves, and flowers with many different colors, you cannot but stand and stare for a moment. You might as well decide to purchase an all-green colored wall art to create your preferred pop of color.

If you ever want to project your room accent to something more engaging, then you would need to consider some colors with great hues for that pop of color feature. Elephant Stock has got all the collections you need to make your space come alive with the right pop of color.