A List Of The Most Popular Cannabis Strains And How They’re Different

Depending on how interested you are in cannabis, the amount of strains that you’re familiar with varies. There is a huge variety of different strains out there, and there is something for everyone, depending on what kind of high you prefer.

The truth is – the differentiation doesn’t end there, and different strains offer you entirely different experiences. All of that being said, knowing more about different strains will give you more options, and hence, ensure that you find one that fits you perfectly.

In this article, you will be able to read about the most popular cannabis strains, as well as about what makes them different. Let’s dig right in!

Purple Haze

If you’re into the 60s psychedelic culture – the probability is high that you have, in one way or another, heard about purple haze. In fact, thanks to Jimi Hendrix, many people that aren’t smokers themselves know about this popular strain – and for a good reason. This strain is quite potent, but in a relaxing way, ensuring a chill high engulfed with creativity and pure enjoyments.

Its popularity ensures, if you want to mail order cannabis, this strain will be available on plenty of websites. Considering the fact that purple haze is so well known, this strain is considered by many as a trailblazer for the normalization of weed use as well as for all the new strains that we have now.

Velvet Runtz

Velvet Runtz has been gaining popularity exponentially in the past years for many different reasons. This strain is a hybrid that is dominated by Sativa. When it comes to taste, what you’ll get when smoking velvet runtz is a sweet flavor infused with berries. The effects that you can expect are incredibly uplifting, which makes this strain a great option for those that struggle with depression or anxiety.

That being said, the effects are not restricted for anyone – the uplifting, de-stressing effect is surely going to ensure that everyone stays upbeat. Combine that with the sweet, smooth taste – and you’ve got yourself a winning combination!

Blue Dream

When it comes to how the blue dream strain makes you feel, it can be somewhat comparable with velvet runtz. The effect is uplifting, almost euphoric – but many reports that it slowly shifts into a soothing, calming effect. For that reason, the blue dream strain is often used before bedtime, hence the ‘’dream’’ in the name. That being said, this strain is also a great way to start your day as well. 

When it comes to taste, the blue dream is another sweet strain, well known for its sweet taste with an aroma consisting primarily of blueberries, with only a hint of lavender. A great bonus with this strain is the fact that it doesn’t leave you feeling tired after you smoke. This is a common downside to many strains, but blue dream ensures that you leave the high feeling relaxed and happy.

OG Kush

This strain is one of those that are famous all around the world. It has a complex mix of a variety of flavors, but it is mostly dominated by sour, citrus-like aromas. This flavor arises due to a high abundance of terpenes such as limonene and caryophyllene. The flavor establishes this strain on its own, but the effects are even better.

OG Kush is a potent strain, and its effects are going to last for hours on end. You can rest assured that you will feel super high, but not to the extent that you’ll be left stuck on the couch.

Pineapple Express

We move onto the pineapple express, a strain that combines two popular plants – Hawaiian and Trainwreck. The result is a strong, tasty strain, popular among many different profiles of smokers.

This strain is yet another sativa dominant hybrid, which means that you can count on an uplifting, euphoric effect. This is exactly why many people use pineapple express for daytime use. Additionally, this strain is known to boost creativity, which makes it a great choice for those looking to create art while smoking.

Girl Scout Cookies

A final strain on this list is the famous girl scout cookies strain. This one is an ideal choice for those that are just looking for a good time – both for social occasions and for enjoying the strain alone.

The strain is incredibly well-balanced, and the hybrid is dominated by Indica cannabis. The taste is sweet, with the pine-like aromas contrasting it, making it a fun and tasty experience with a minty kick. When it comes to the THC content, the girl scout cookies strain is somewhere in the middle, ensuring that you feel and enjoy the high, but aren’t too stoned.

Finally, all of the strains that you’ve read about have something great to offer. In order to truly find your favorite strain, what you need to do is to try them out and see for yourself!