Pornstars Who Have Their Own Sex Toys

With the sex-toy industry booming more rapidly than ever before, customer demands have become more refined and more specific. The industry has recently taken it up a notch by integrating realistic-feeling materials that make fleshlights feel like the real deal; meanwhile, porn stars have joined in and stepped up their game, uniting with the sex-toy industry to produce toys specially designed in the exact shape and feel of these stars’ anatomy.

Here are today’s most popular porn star sex toys:

1. Riley Reid’s Fleshlight

The stunning celebrity who has now filmed more than 300 adult movies, and is most famous for her role in the movie In the VIP, has finally produced a fleshlight mold of her own anatomy. The reviews of Riley Reid’s Fleshlights, stand out in the crowd with the hyper-realistic material that makes them feel like natural skin. The inside is also ribbed for maximum pleasure.

Users have also noted that the device has an impressive strong-suction feel, which goes perfectly when paired with a Riley Reid adult film. Upgraded versions of the device allow users to connect it via Bluetooth to films of their choice for full-blown a virtual reality experience.

2. Stoya’s Destroya Fleshlight

This masturbator is uniquely designed, not just to mimic the shape and feel of Stoya’s anatomy, but sports a stimulating ribbed texture, which is nicely coiled and tightened. The ratings on this fleshlight are quite high, while users also swear by the device’s natural-feel. The device allows users to control the suction and pressure as needed.

What makes this masturbator promising is how it doubles as a sexual performance strengthener to counter premature ejaculation. While this may not be on top of your head while you’re shopping for a fleshlight, you may notice that the more you use it, the longer you take to ejaculate. 

3. The Kiiroo Onyx (Lisa Ann Experience)

If you’re familiar with high-quality masturbators, you’ve likely anticipated seeing a Kiiroo Onyx on our list, simply because the brand knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to real-feel and durability. 

The Lisa Ann Experience device features access to a secure adult platform, which allows you to watch your favorite films while enjoying the realistic stimulation of this device, which works in sync with what you’re watching.  

4. The Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy

It doesn’t matter how quickly your kinks have evolved and where they have taken you. At some point, we have all had a massive crush on Sasha Grey. The good news is, while the majority of us may not strike luck with the stunning retired porn star, her fleshlight replicates the appearance and feel of her anatomy and features ribbed sleeves that make the experience all the more pleasurable. 

The device features a single opening to maximize suction control, and sports a body-safe and Phthalate-Free TPE material. 

If you have a favorite porn star, keep yourself updated with the latest sex toys because you might just come across her designer fleshlight, replicating the shape and feel of the star’s anatomy. Make sure you order your toy from a trusted source, and always skim the reviews before purchasing to avoid ordering a fake product.