8 Reasons For A Cup Of Pour Over Coffee

A survey by the National Coffee Association in the US, the coffee market is expected to be valued at US$ 24.2 Billion by 2020. More or less 70% of the people prefer homemade coffee preparation.

Due to the increasing demand, the coffee trade plays a vital role in the country’s political and economic growth. And for everyone, the trend of changing from instant coffee to pour over coffee also means that coffee is more than just a drink.

What is pour over coffee? Why are more and more people keen to buy different appliances and enjoy the fun of brewing coffee at home? I hope that after you finish reading this article, you can eliminate your opponent’s sense of distance and truly open up the world of coffee.

In the past few years, the understanding of coffee was still in the brewing of coffee powder and hot water. After stirring it, it will turn into a cup of milky coffee. This is instant coffee, which is a substance extracted from the coffee extract and can be directly dissolved in water.

However, the coffee powder in pour over coffee is ground after a series of treatments, roasting, and the aroma and flavor contained in it can be released through water. After the extraction is completed, the remaining coffee grounds lose their function and become coffee grounds.

Therefore, the essence of pour over coffee is extraction and filtration.

In order to be able to drink clean coffee without grounds, smart people invented filter paper to separate coffee liquid from coffee grounds.

1. Single-origin coffee beans are purer

Pour over coffee is brewed by hand with a single variety of coffee beans from a single origin, and more professional people will roast and grind the beans themselves.

The express coffee is mostly made of a mixture of various coffee beans, which loses the original unique taste of the coffee beans.

At the same time, I think that the taste of pour over is softer and richer than that of machine or instant coffee. When making a cup of pour over coffee, even if it is the same kind of coffee beans, different people will have different tastes; the same people will have different tastes at different times and conditions.

It is not the same, changes to make it alive.

2. Pour over coffee is soothing and relaxing

Pour over coffee is a form of relaxation for many busy people at work. Making a cup of pour over coffee tends to take more time than drinking instant coffee. Raising your hand to flush the pot, the water flows out slowly from the slender swan-necked spout, poured on the coffee powder, slowly rushing in a clockwise direction, watching the small vortex slowly forming on the coffee powder. The state of the whole person is the most relaxed and comfortable.

Some people think that the whole process of making pour over coffee is controllable, and there is no need to worry about adding any impurities, and the taste is more mellow.

3. Easy to learn, anyone can make

Pour over coffee is simple and scientific. Master the ratio of coffee powders to water, and control the stability of the water flow, whether it is strong or light, or bitter or sour, all by yourself.

Try to explore and understand the water temperature, water flow, extraction time, coffee bean grinding degree and other factors that affect the taste of coffee, so that the cup of coffee in your hands is closer to the ideal look in your heart.

4. Hand punching tools are cheap

A set of hand-punching tools often include the most basic 5 pieces of pour over kettle, filter cup, filter paper, sharing pot, and thermometer. The price of this set can be very common, $100 can be dealt with.

If you are a coffee lover and spend $3 a day to buy a cup of coffee, you will spend more than $1000 a year. Why not try to make your own pour over coffee?

5. The best way to wake up the day

Pour over coffee carries more of a ritual, before you start the day’s work, in a leisurely weekend afternoon, at a time when you want to treat yourself well!

If we say that a new day is when the sun rises; for pour over coffee lovers, watching the water flow slowly down and bubbles on the coffee powder, a soothing and peaceful day is just the beginning.

6. Every brew has a memory of a journey

When making pour over coffee, you can smell floral, fruity and nutty aromas. These scents are like a key to the door of memory, knocking on your past inadvertently. Everyone’s knowledge of coffee taste is related to their growth experience. At a certain moment, this taste can draw you back to the past and remind you of some people and things in the past.

After all, each flavor carries a unique memory. Savor the pour over coffee carefully, and you will be able to understand the mystery of it.

7. Beautiful design sense

The supporting tools for pour over coffee are often designed to be very simple and clean. If you are also a person who likes simple things, you should fall in love with them. The swan neck spout and the small and exquisite body will definitely complement your kitchen.

Moreover, when you have friends or family members, it is also a very enjoyable thing to come up with this set of ornaments. This is also a way to take good care of your family.

8. Coffee Club Friends

Believe me, things are gathered together and people are divided into groups. If you love pour over coffee, you will be able to attract many people like you. What does pour over coffee stand for? In my opinion, it is more of a way of life, a life of slowing down.

Coffee culture permeates all corners of the world. If you want, you will easily use coffee as a bridge to connect with many similar self-employed individuals, designers, photographers and entrepreneurs.