Power Dialer: A Short Guide

When we come to outbound calling, it is a little surprising for some people who don’t know that there are three auto dialer types. As outbound calls seem to be an elementary thing, inexperienced persons don’t understand the need to develop various and totally distinct algorithms that would perform outgoing calls – Predictive, Preview, and Power Dialer software.

Anyhow, cold calling campaigns are the field that needs a really personalized, thoughtful, and professional approach. Prospects are no longer ready to spend minutes listening to salesmen, and that is why the quality and functionality of the auto-dialer solution becomes the fundamental part of the entire telemarketing process.

It is clear that there are dissimilar types of lead bases, that differ by customer net worth, the status of the lead – cold, warm, or hot – and other characteristics. This is the factor that has the most powerful influence on outbound dialer dissimilarities – but we’ll discuss this a bit later.

As you definitely have a need to process warm bases, we want to tell you about the best solution that would cover this essential – power dialer software.

Power dialing is irreplaceable for passing through warm prospect lists, as it offers a few times faster dialing than manual mode, has a customizable dialing ratio, allows agents to control the process, and ignores unsuccessful calls.

What is Power Dialing?

Power Dialer solution is one of the three outbound dialer types, and it is focused on processing warm bases. It works by calling each digit from the base and starts dialing a new digit immediately when the previous call is over and an agent is free. Thus, you get a much higher speed of dialing, and higher conversion rates – the unsuccessful dials, like busy signals, out-of-the-zone, and invalid digits are ignored by the power dialer solution.

Why Power Dialer solution, not Predictive or Preview?

Each of these three outbound dialers has its own benefits and distinct purpose. Predictive Dialer is perfect for processing cold bases or updating old bases with numerous digits. Preview Dialer allows agents to see customer data before each call, so it plays the role of CRM integration and helps to provide more personalized assistance. Nonetheless, warm bases fit the Power Dialer software the most.

Benefits of Power Dialer Solution

1) Fewer agents to set up

While Predictive Dialer requires at least five agents to be set up and engaged in the dialing process, power dialing mode can be easily operated by a single person.

2) Eliminates the risk of abandoned calls

Predictive dialing mode can cause a little percentage of abandoned calls if you have too few agents or the dialing ratio has been chosen incorrectly. These abandoned calls are caused by a delay that happens until the agents are linked to a customer, who has already taken the phone. A predictive dialer analyzes the average call time, and starts dialing when the agent is about to end the previous call – this algorithm can’t guarantee that there will be no missed calls.

3) High dialing speed

Power Dialer software offers around 75 dials per hour with a 50% of call success rate, so you will get around 38 real calls per hour – an impossible score for manual dialing! The success rate can also be higher, as everything depends on the lead base quality.

4) Boosted agent effectiveness

While agents do their work manually, they spend hours on useless actions like writing down phone numbers, dialing by hand, and so on. As a consequence, a bigger part of their working shift is spent on operations that could be easily automated. Power Dialer can’t offer the same agent occupancy rate as the Predictive algorithm does, but it still fills agent working time with real call-related activities and eliminates manual work.

5) Avoiding unsuccessful dials

Power Dialer software ignores unsuccessful dials, such as invalid digits, out-of-the-zone calls, busy signals, disconnected calls, and so on. If such a contact is identified, the dialer starts to dial the next leader from the list, and no additional second is spent on useless dialing.

6) Cold voicemails

Another interesting feature – no Predictive model of outbound dialer can’t offer agents an opportunity to leave cold voicemails. Most Power Dialer solutions also ignore this option, but there are ones that include a function to leave such voicemail messages, and agents use it to get the callback.

Even though many people doubt the effectiveness of cold voicemails, check this post to find out how useful they can be.

7) No dropped calls

Some countries have legal regulations on the maximum number of dropped calls during outbound calling campaigns. As you know, outbound telemarketing is a highly regulated niche, and legal compliance is vital for any firm.

For instance, in the USA the maximum percentage of dropped calls is 3%. While using Predictive dialing without a proper number of agents you boost the chance to get dropped calls, exceeding the limit, and receiving an administrative penalty.

Power dialing eliminates the risk, as it never performs more dials than an agent can handle.


As you have already discovered, call center outbound dialers have three main call center dialer types: Preview, Predictive, and Power Dialer. They differ in the algorithm of utilization and the main purpose. Preview Dialer is used to assist high-net-worth and VIP customers, as it imports customer data from databases and shows it before each call.

According to this feature, agents start every communication with a deeper knowledge of customer wishes, preferences, and previous interactions.

Predictive Dialer is a champion in processing cold bases. It has the smartest algorithm that counts the dialing ratio in accordance with the conditions of previous calls. Thus, it uses average call duration and other metrics to predict when the agent will be free and starts dialing even before the earlier call ends.

Power Dialer works perfectly with warm bases. It calls every new contact when the agent is free, and eliminates the risks of abandoned or dropped calls, which are possible while using Predictive dialing. It also avoids invalid calls.

Power Dialer has numerous advantages, such as a voicemail option, high dialing speed, only one agent required to set the dialer up, and boosted operator efficiency.