How Much Is Premier Access On Disney Plus And What Do You Get With It?

Disney Plus Premier Access is a service for users who pay an extra amount, in addition to their Disney Plus subscription fee, to get early access to new releases.

Following the COVID-19 in 2020, theatres around the world shut down; Disney Plus took the opportunity into their hands and offered a special deal for users so that they can gain early access to the most anticipated releases. The service began with the release of the new edition of Mulan and continued for different movies.

Do you want to gain the Disney+ premier access or simply access Disney Plus in your region, but it’s geo-blocked in your location? Well, you can now watch Disney Plus with a VPN from anywhere.

How does Disney’s Premier Access work?

Disney’s Premier Access can be considered as a ticket to a new Disney release, the difference being that you will watch it at your home rather than a theater. Wait! Don’t jump to a conclusion yet- it gets better; you just have to buy the premier access once and enjoy re-watching the premier access movies until your premier access window lasts.

Not only do you get early access to the most-anticipated movies and enjoy the watching experience with your family and friends, but you also get these movies in a UHD or HDR quality print and with HQ Dolby Audio sound.

If your Disney Plus is not working, you can easily fix it to get the Premier Access on Disney Plus.

Are the Premier Access movies available for all Disney+ Subscribers?

The movies available on the Premier Access subscription eventually become available to all the Disney Plus subscribers after a specific date. Premier Access is ideal for those who want to watch their favorite movies at the very moment they come out.

If you can wait for some time after a gigantic film comes out, you won’t need Premier Access, as you will be able to stream it later when it becomes available for all subscribers.

How much is Premier Access on Disney Plus?

You can get Disney Plus Premier Access at USD 29.99 in the US. However, to get any movie on Premier Access, you will also need a Disney Plus subscription which costs USD 6.99 per month or USD 69.99 per year.

Although 29.99 dollars may seem a lot, however, if you’d calculate it, you’ll find that it costs less than two theatre tickets. Here, you just have to buy the Premier Access once and enjoy the movie streaming experience with as many friends as you like; moreover, the account lets you access the content multiple times till the account lasts.

Even if Disney Plus is not available in your country, you can easily bypass the geo-blocking.

List of films available on Premier Access on Disney+

The list of films, along with the time frame of their availability on Premier Access on Disney Plus, are as follows:

1. Mulan (4th of September, 2020 – 4th of November, 2020)
2. Raya and the Last Dragon (5th of March, 2021 – 4th of June, 2021)
3. Cruella (Releasing on May 28, 2021)
4. Black Widow (Releasing on July 9, 2021)

Final Words

If you want to watch your favorite Disney+ movie right on the day as it releases, you should definitely get the Premier Access subscription. This exclusive package will let you watch the exclusively available movies as many times as you want, even before they are released to the regular Disney Plus subscribers.

However, if you can wait for a couple of months to watch a movie after its release, then you can carry on using the normal Disney Plus subscription.