How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation in 5 Steps

If you have determined that your marriage is ending and divorce is inevitable, you probably have some complicated feelings. Doubtless, this is going to be an emotional time for you. Still, you must get through the divorce process before you can determine what your new life is going to resemble.

You might need to submit to divorce mediation Utah lawyer offices can help you in this area if you find one with compassion and experience. You can prepare for the divorce mediation process in a few easy steps, so let us talk about those right now.

Find the Right Lawyer

Only certain lawyers have the experience and legal expertise to act as divorce mediators. In the preliminary stage of this process, you and your spouse should find one on whom you can both agree.

You should both feel confident in this lawyer’s abilities if you’re going to hire them to help you through this process. Look around online and see which attorneys in your area offer this service, and look at their reviews. Those should help you choose a suitable candidate.

Be Ready to Listen

During the mediation process, you might hear things from your spouse that you won’t like. Presumably, you’re already disagreeing with them in some fundamental ways if you’ve decided to take this action.

You should hone your listening skills because you’re going to need them. When your spouse says certain things, you might be tempted to respond angrily. That won’t be productive, though, so practice being patient as you go into this process. That ability should serve you well.

Get Ready for Multiple Sessions

The mediation process is not one that you get through with a single half-hour session. It will probably take several meetings between yourself, your spouse, and the lawyer.

Go into the experience knowing that it’s going to take some time. There will be chances to catch your breath in between sessions. While they are going on, try to be emotionally present but also detached enough so you can negotiate in good faith.

Have Your Financial Information Ready

These negotiations can take many forms, but you will certainly need to have all of your financial information ready to go. You’ll likely be dividing up your assets, so you should have them all ready for scrutiny.

That includes bank accounts, investments, property, etc. The more documentation you have of all of this going into the mediation process, the easier you can get through it.

Figure Out What You Won’t Negotiate

It’s likely that both you and your spouse will walk away from these meetings feeling less than happy. That’s to be expected.

However, you should have some particular points on which you’re not willing to budge. You may feel like you can back down in some areas but not in others. If you have a comprehensive list of things that you feel need to go a particular way, that’s probably going to be helpful.

These meetings won’t be easy, but they need to happen.