Send Press Releases To Digital Media With Purolink

Press releases are one of the methods of past years, widely used to publicize a product, brand, or service, which today has been physically left behind and has been done virtually, which has helped many companies reach more customers.

With all this, agencies have been created that are responsible for facilitating this type of method, such as Purolink, a website that is responsible for facilitating the application of SEO strategies for companies, one of them being the press releases with the possibility of publication in large digital media.

About the press releases

Press releases have always been used and effective when we talk about web positioning. A press release optimized for SEO will be very beneficial for the image of the brand, in addition to being able to stand out from the competition.

It should be noted that press releases have always been used in corporate communication, with the purpose of sending journalists useful information to be published in the media, with the appearance of SEO, the content of press releases has become something very important to help in the position of the website in search engines.

What points are taken when creating the press releases?

This method of creating content is intended to create content that is suitable for publication in digital newspapers or related media, of course, this writing must be done in an optimized way for SEO. There are points that we can take into account when writing, such as:

• Make use of keywords that the user could search
• An optimization of the links that are included in the note
• Organic links, without being forced
• Include the most important words at the beginning
• The note must be made with more than 300 characters
• Adding audiovisual material will make the press release more attractive
• A completely original wording
• Make use of social networks, it will help to have more reach

Benefits of creating press releases

Making a press release includes a large number of benefits that can help the company, in addition to maintaining a conversation about the brand or the product, although it should be noted that these notes are created to talk about the business, not to flatter it. Some of the benefits they include are:

• Credibility to the brand, company, or business
• Low-cost and accessible marketing
• Exciting and quality information about our company
• Causes a positive impact, increasing our credibility to search engine algorithms
• It assures us a commitment with the clients, thus causing greater sales in the products
• Help increase our position and authority in search engines

Despite the fact that for years it has been said that this type of communication method is about to die, surprises many, how important it has become a good SEO strategy to help us position ourselves highly in the search engine list. In addition to the fact that we can choose agencies that make it easier for us to obtain the creation of these notes, such as Purolink, whose platform has experts in SEO strategies for pages or websites.

The information presented here was provided by the agency of Spanish origin, Link Building Purolink, which has a site that includes the preparation of press releases, sponsored content, or the sale of links to help improve the position and visibility in well-known search engines.