How To Promote Your LMS In Your Organization

After all the effort that you have put into choosing the right LMS and designing a perfect online training course, what if your employees aren’t really making use of it? Making it a mandatory thing will just set them off. They are not kids going to school that you can force them into doing something.

Moreover, they have other things lined up, a mandatory online training is just going to increase their burden. So what exactly can you do to make your employees join the course? Marketing is the solution, but how to market is what we shall discuss here. 

Know your audience

No matter what genius inventive marketing strategy you use, if the message and channel chosen for communication are wrong, it is all in vain. So to avoid this blunder, it is necessary to first know your employees. You should be aware of their age, location, gender, their position, issues they are having with their present training program, and more. 

Once you gather this information, segregate them based on their age and position in the organization. This segregation will help you design and send marketing messages that are the best fit for each group. Each group will have its own set of responsibilities and issues with the training program so communicate the benefits of your LMS that matter to them. 

Create pre-launch excitement 

It is a common strategy you see when a new movie is going to be released. They show the teaser to increase excitement and induce trial. If you are launching an online training program using an LMS for the first time, then creating pre-launch excitement is a great marketing strategy. 

You can do this by sending regular notifications on your company’s interaction platform. What will these notifications be about? It should include all the benefits that are important to them. An easy example would be “ Complete any training course at your own pace now”. The benefit should be relatable to the audience. 

Include it in your onboarding program 

The easiest way to make people in your organization familiar with your LMS is by introducing it during the recruitment and onboarding process. They will get a chance to experience the benefits of an LMS and will probably encourage other employees in the company to use it as well. 

Share success stories

If possible ask one of your employees to share their stories who has completed a course using the LMS and has benefited enormously from it. You can write a post on the company’s interaction forum or you can get creative here. Make a video of the employee sharing his experience. When a benefit is reinforced by a real-life story it can leave a better impact. 

Guide them 

The new-gen will be able to use the LMS very effortlessly but don’t forget the less tech-friendly ones. They might be reluctant to try an LMS because they don’t know how to use the system effectively. In that case, you should keep a workshop to guide them through the whole interface. While you do that make sure you communicate the “ what’s in it for me” to them effectively. 

Reach out to your managers 

Try to make your managers use the LMS and also advise the employees under them to use it for their benefit. Managers have a good bond with their employees, their suggestions and experience in using the LMS is a good enough strategy to reach more people effectively. 

Gamify it 

You can use the gamification feature of the LMS to develop fun contests and games to make them more curious. Most employees think of a training program as an extra burden. Well, tell them it is going to be fun. This is called a pull strategy.

Instead of pushing them, you are attracting them towards yourself. To make it more exciting, you can have scoreboards and give a monthly scoreboard leader some gift or incentive. Gamification can also help you increase employee engagement while using the LMS. 

Share and acknowledge 

Recognition is the best gift you can give to someone who is putting in sincere efforts. You can share about an employee who has completed many courses and their progress along with it. Acknowledge their efforts by giving them a small gift along with a little praise. This little effort can motivate other employees to receive the same acknowledgment. 

Get feedback 

Even though this is not a marketing tool it will help you build better strategies in the future. Getting feedback will also make your employees feel heard. You can make changes to your LMS based on the feedback and communicate the changes to everyone. Let everyone know you are trying to create a better training experience for them.  


If you do not market your LMS well, all your efforts in designing the courses are going to be in vain. Marketing is not that difficult, given you don’t stop trying new ways of reaching out to your people. It is just a continuous stream of benefits being communicated, with a little push now and then. The methods advised above are only suggestions that you can use. There is so much more you can do to promote your LMS in your organization.