How To Properly Use And Care For Vaping Batteries

Vaping continues to become a popular trend today. Dubbed as a healthier alternative to smoking, vaping allows you to enjoy various flavors and even cannabis extract with those fun, huge smoke.

That said, some people are still skeptical about the safety of these vaping devices, thanks to scary stories of vaporizers exploding mid-vaping sessions. However, most of those accidents are because of improper maintenance of vaping batteries.

Vaporizer batteries are not like your regular remote control triple As. They’re much more powerful cells that require careful handling. Otherwise, these batteries can fail, and sometimes they fail violently.

So, to prevent that from happening to you, here are some tips for safely using and taking care of your vaporizer batteries:

1. Use The Correct Batteries

It all starts with choosing the correct batteries for your vaporizer.

Some batteries are suitable for sub-ohm vaping, and others are best for low-wattage vaping. Besides, you can find lots of low-quality batteries online that are not supposed to be used for vaping at all.

Hence, ensure to check the specs when choosing batteries for your vaporizer. Don’t just check the ratings on the wrap, as most are often misleading, especially for fake vape batteries.

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2. Check The Wraps

Battery wraps are covers that insulate the cell. They protect the battery from all forms of contact with metals, ensuring safety during usage.

However, battery wraps can become damaged over time. Thus, ensure that you always check the wraps to see if they’re fully intact. Otherwise, a tear may expose the battery cells and lead to a short circuit.

If you see any issues with the battery wrap, you can apply a new wrap or consider buying a replacement battery for your vaporizer.

3. Clean The Battery Contacts

Battery contacts are what connect the battery itself to the electrical circuit of your vape device. Regular cleaning of the contact can help maintain the condition of your vape batteries.

Over time, small amounts of debris from bags or pockets may collect in the battery contact screw. Sometimes, you might even notice a green buildup around the battery contact because dirt and debris reacted with your vape battery. This can degrade the performance of your battery and vaporizer.

So, it’s a good habit to clean your contact each time you charge your batteries. You can do this by using dry tissue paper or a cotton bud to wipe the screw part of the contact thoroughly. Never use water or alcohol to clean the contact.

properly use vaping batteries

4. Switch It Off

Like any other electronic component, the best way to save your vape battery is to switch off your vaporizer if you’re not using it. Make it a habit to turn off your vaporizer when not in use to help the battery last longer for more charge cycles.

5. Buy A Battery Case

This may seem unnecessary to some, but a battery case is a must-have item for every vaping kit. Keeping your vaporizer batteries in your bag or pocket when you don’t use them won’t do you any good. This is because unprotected batteries might short circuit when they come in contact with metal items, causing the battery to vent and potentially explode.

Buying even the cheapest plastic battery case available allows you to safely carry your batteries and prevent damage to them when traveling. Plus, it helps keep your kit organized.

6. Avoid Over-Draining Batteries

It’s tempting to puff until the last drop of charge, especially when you’re traveling. However, doing so can damage your battery. Draining your battery can reduce its charge cycle and lose more capacity. This causes the battery to drain faster and reduces its life span.

Thus, it would be best to have a few charges to your battery when you decide to recharge it. In general, most vape devices will come with some battery level indication, and you want to recharge your battery when it’s between 20 and 25%. This way, your battery can last longer.


Taking care of your vaporizer batteries will help them perform better and ensure a longer life span. This means you get more time vaping to your heart’s content and spending less money on parts replacement. Furthermore, proper maintenance and use of your vape batteries can help reduce your overall risk.

So, ensure you follow the tips discussed in this article to take care of your vaporizer batteries and ensure that you enjoy a safe vaping experience.