Things to Remember When Purchasing Your First Home

Buying your first property is a big investment. Some people spend years saving for the deposit for their first home. It takes a lot of saving, time and stress to buy a home. When you finally have the funds to purchase a property, you need to make sure it’s the right one. Identify what you need from home right now and consider what you may need in five or ten years’ time.

Follow this checklist of things to look out for during the viewing process.

Check for damp

You need to watch out for dampness – and any areas that may be concealing damp. Look behind wardrobes and keep an eye out for freshly painted walls. Damp has a mouldy smell and leaves watermarks and flaky plaster. Take a closer look at the skirting boards to spot any damp on the property.

Look at the building structure

You can tell a lot about a property from the building structure. Check out the windows and look for any gaps or cracks. Flaky paint around the window is usually a sign that they have been poorly maintained over the years. You may need to install new windows when you move in. Windows cost a lot of money and can be quite disruptive if you are living on the property.

Take note of any end of terrace walls, and ask the homeowner a few questions. They can tell you about any recent renovations or problems with the property. Of course, the homeowner wants to sell the property, and they may gloss over some issues. You need to hire a surveyor to take a proper look around and investigate problem areas.

Ask about the heating system

You need a good-quality heating system in the UK. You need radiators and a boiler that works efficiently – especially if you’re moving in during the winter months. Ask the homeowner about the age and condition of the heating system. You should also inquire about the type of boiler in the house and its efficiency rating. A high-quality system can save a lot of energy and lower your heating bills.

Ask about the roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of the home. You need to watch out for any missing tiles and cracks. Take a look at the gutters and see if they are clean or filled with leaves. Damaged gutters can cause bigger problems down the line.

Ask about the area

Ask the homeowner about the neighbours and their relationship with them. There may be a problem with parking spaces on the street or a noisy house down the road. You need as much information as possible before you buy the place.

Take your time with the viewing process and ask difficult questions.