5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Solar System Installer

Over 2 million homeowners in the US already have solar panel systems installed on their properties. By 2024, about 2.5% of all homes in the country will have systems installed.

Are you searching for a solar system installer in your area? Make sure to ask these questions first.

Asking these questions will ensure you find an experienced team. If the system isn’t installed properly, you won’t reap the benefits of going solar.

Read on before starting your search today!

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

To start your search, consider gathering referrals from friends and family members. Gathering referrals can help you find a company locals already know and trust. You could feel more confident choosing a company based on a recommendation, too.

Since there are over 11,200 solar panel installation companies in the US, beginning with referrals can help you narrow down your options. The industry grew by 1.5% between 2022 and 2023, though. Make sure each company on your list has operated for at least five years.

An established business with years of experience behind it won’t disappear overnight. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the company is stable and reliable.

A new business, however, might need to work out operational issues like scheduling, billing, and staffing. These issues could affect your experience as a client.

Determine how long each company has operated, as well as how many clients they’ve helped in that time. Then, determine if the company is local or national. There’s no right or wrong answer; rather, it’s a matter of preference.

A larger company is likely long-established. Chances are, these companies can offer more comprehensive warranties. These teams likely offer a range of services in addition to installing a solar system, too.

A local company, on the other hand, likely has more experience with local county permitting requirements and rebates. However, these companies often have smaller service areas. Make sure each company on your list services your region.

As you begin narrowing down your options, make sure to ask each company about their availability. A larger company might split itself too thin. A local company, however, might lack the staff necessary to take on multiple service calls at once.

Choose a company that aligns with your specific needs and deadline.

2. Can You Provide References?

You can learn more about each company by talking to customers who were once in your shoes. If you’re unable to gather personal recommendations, ask three local companies for references. Try to speak with some of their recent clients.

Otherwise, start your search online. Check the company’s website, BBB listing, and Google Business profile for reviews. Look for a five-star company that already has a glowing reputation.

The company will want to keep that positive reputation by offering the best possible services.

When speaking with the company’s previous clients, ask questions about the company’s/technician’s:

• Experience
• Expertise
• Financing options
• Responsiveness (how long clients waited for installation)
• Pricing

Ask each client if they had any issues during the solar system installation process. For example, maybe the technician was late or unprofessional. If the client encountered problems, ask how the company remedied the issue.

If the company didn’t provide a solution, they likely don’t prioritize their customers. Keep searching.

3. Is My Home Ideal for Solar?

Before installing a solar panel system, you’ll need to determine if your home is ideal. You can schedule a consultation appointment to have a technician arrive at your home. They’ll determine if your property is suitable for the system.

Whether your home is suitable for a solar panel system can depend based on:

• What direction your roof faces
• How much sun your area receives
• The cost of electricity in your area

For example, maybe your home is covered in large trees that provide ample shade. Unfortunately, your home might not be suitable for a system. You could waste your time and money installing a solar system as a result.

4. How Can I Finance My Panels?

Talk to each company about the different financing options they offer. For example, some companies offer a range of options, including:

• Leasing
• Entering a power purchase agreement (PPA)
• Taking out a loan
• Paying in cash

When choosing between companies, consider what financing options they offer. If they don’t offer the option you prefer, remove them from your list.

Otherwise, talk to the company about their pricing. Their estimate will likely include fees for labor and your new solar system. Get quotes from three local installation companies.

Requesting quotes from more than one company can help you determine the average cost of installing a new system. If one company’s pricing is higher than the rest, ask why that is. Don’t choose a company based on pricing alone, though.

Instead, make sure to review your notes to find a company that aligns with your needs and goals.

Don’t forget to ask about the company’s warranty, too!

5. What Other Services Do You Offer?

Before making any final decisions, ask each solar installation company about the different services they offer. After installing a solar panel system, you’ll want to maintain it. Otherwise, you might not reap the benefits of going solar long-term.

The company may offer preventative maintenance services that include cleaning pollen and other forms of debris off your panels. These services can improve the longevity of your system.
Perhaps you need a company that offers roofing services instead.

Otherwise, ask the company if they offer different types of solar panel systems. The company can help you weigh the pros and cons of each option. You can learn more about Solar Panels here.

Find the Best Solar System Installer in Town Today

Don’t hire the first solar system installer you happen across alone. Instead, find the best company for solar system installation using these tips. Asking these questions will ensure you thoroughly vet your options.

Start your search today!

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