Strategies to Raise Your GPA

While getting a high GPA is not a guarantee that you will succeed, it is a good achievement to have in your life. Having a high GPA can indirectly help you make more money by getting into a better educational institution or changing career paths. Raising your GPA is a difficult task, but it is not impossible as long as you’re dedicated.

To help you raise your GPA, we’ll provide you with some strategies that you can implement. Bear in mind, the strategies that we’re about to discuss might not be applicable for everyone because every student has their own learning style. With that said, here are some strategies to raise your GPA.

Attend classes and be active

This is definitely the most obvious way that you can raise your GPA. Nowadays, most materials are available online so it is very tempting to just skip class and download the study materials and learn on your own. While it may work for easier subjects, it is definitely not something you should do for harder subjects.

Without attending the class or not being participative during the class, you won’t be able to capture the explanations made by your professor. You also lose out the opportunities to ask questions or even gain extra credits. These opportunities can potentially get you from a B to an A, so be sure to participate and don’t miss out on the opportunities.

Conduct a weekly study review

It is not uncommon for students to start learning all the materials one or two weeks before the midterm or final exam. While it may have worked for some smarter students, it certainly isn’t the way to raise your GPA.

Instead of studying right before the exam, you should review the study materials at least once a week. By reviewing them on a regular basis, you will have more time to familiarize yourself with the contents and you won’t have to cram everything at the last second. Even if you don’t attend classes, you should at least do this to raise your GPA.

Surround yourself with high GPA students

This strategy is especially useful when it comes to doing group assignments. The last thing you want is to have a bunch of freeloaders dragging your GPA down. So, befriend people with the right attitude and you will excel together. You will make a lot of friends in college and if they are high achievers, you can always seek help from them.

Study smart and hard

Professors and schools sometimes offer chances for extra credit and these chances are important for raising your GPA. But just because you can study smart, doesn’t mean you should slack. If you want the absolute best results and raise your GPA, you should study smart by taking advantage of the extra credit opportunities while studying hard to ensure you do well for the exams.

Set a goal

If you are just studying without a goal, you are less likely to do well because you’re not fighting for anything. An effective way to raise your GPA is to set a goal you want to achieve and work your way to achieve that goal.

Your GPA now might be around 3.0 and you can set a goal to achieve a 3.8 so you’ll work hard for it. Even if you don’t achieve it, your hard work might just get you a 3.7 which is close to your goal and a good raise in your GPA.

Be organized

Many students tend to be frantic when the assignments start to pile up or when exams are coming and they haven’t gone through any materials yet. This can be avoided if an organized schedule is made and you stick to the schedule. Make sure you organize your school work and personal life properly so you won’t experience too much trouble raising your GPA.

Ask questions during office hours

There are bound to be doubts when your professor is going through the lecture slides. What you can do is write down these questions and attend the office hours that your professors have allocated and clear your doubts. Try to avoid piling up a bunch of questions and attend the office hours on a regular basis.


The strategies to raise your GPA are not limited by what was mentioned above only. There are many other ways you can raise your GPA but at the end of the day, it still comes down to your own dedication and effort. As long as you always do your best, you will see an improvement in your GPA.