Real Estate Exam Prep: 7 Tips and Tricks to Help You Pass

In Florida, the fail rate for the real estate exam is 57%. If you want to ensure that you pass your real estate exam, make sure that you focus on real estate exam prep. Thankfully, we have some of the best tips for your real estate license exam, so make sure you keep reading!

1. Focus on Prep

The amount of information you have to study while you’re working on your exam can be exhausting. There are all kinds of different prep study aids that will help you focus on what to study.

You can even take a real estate practice exam to see where your weaknesses are. This can help you focus on what you should study. You should also review different hacks to maximize the amount of information you can study.

You should only take a practice exam a few times, and change up which one you take. That way you can get different questions and different wording to test if you really know the material.

2. Come Up With Study Schedule

Once you’ve realized what you need to study, come up with a schedule. This should be the time that you set aside just to study and make sure that it’s consistent.

You can study in the evening, or you can choose to study on the weekends. Whatever it is, find a schedule that you’re likely to stick with.

Study schedules are important because it’s a commitment to studying. You won’t feel lost, and it’ll make it easier to sit down and study. You won’t be able to procrastinate or avoid it.

When you do sit down, make sure you can focus and that there are no distractions. You may even want to schedule what material you want to study on which day. This way you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll hit everything that you want to touch on.

3. Focus on Math

If you’re studying to be an agent in Florida, you will have to test on real estate math. The math will be on every exam.

Some people who take the test are worried about math, and that’s understandable because it’s challenging. However, if you focus on studying math, you can easily make it your strength.

This will also give you an edge for when you have to use math as a practice real estate agent.

4. Pay Attention to Details

While you’re studying for real estate school, focus on the details. You should read every single word on each question, even if it seems small or unimportant. However, with a multiple-choice question, it can be easy to miss even the smallest things.

Keep in mind that this test is timed, but you want to pace yourself and give yourself enough time to answer each question.

You should also track what questions you’re on. This way, you won’t accidentally fill in the wrong section with a different answer. Even if you’re off by one line, you could fail the entire answer even if you knew the answer.

If you don’t pay attention, then you could realize it and not have time to fix your test.

5. Take a Course

Another way to help you prepare is to take a course that will help you prepare. This will get you advice from even experienced real estate agents too.

These courses can cover everything and will give you tons of videos that will explain all of the content that’s on the exam.

The material is also refined. For example, if you’ve already studied pre-licensing, you can choose to study a different section too.

6. Don’t Overstudy

When you overstudy, you can easily get burnout. Your study sessions should be short, and you shouldn’t study for more than two hours at a time.

If you study for longer than that, you’ll likely get frustrated and tired. And when that happens, you’re more likely to not retain any of the information.

Plus, when you’re overexerted, you’re more likely to burn out as well. And once you’ve hit that zone, even the idea of doing any studying will seem exhausting.

You should focus on quality study sessions where you can absorb, focus, and digest the information. This is another reason why your study schedule will help you out.

7. Use Acronyms

Lastly, while you’re studying, make sure that you use acronyms to help you remember difficult concepts. Mnemonics and acronyms are great ways to help you remember a lot of information. Plus, it’s fun!

It also makes it more efficient to store in your head, and that way you don’t feel like your brain is filled with too much information.

Plus, you should also remember a lot of acronyms, because they will have some on the test. For example, you’ll likely see M.A.R.I.A.

This stands for: “method, adaptability, relationship, intention, and agreement.” Real estate agents use it to describe personal or real property.

You may also see the acronym U.P.T.E.E. This is something that will help you remember the Bundle of Rights. That’s because it stands for: “use, possess, transfer, encumber, and enjoy.”

Discover More About Real Estate Exam Prep

These are only a few tips about real estate exam prep that you should do, but there are many more tips to follow.

We know that studying for your real estate exam is overwhelming, but we’re here to help you out.

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