Coffee Break Or Lunch: The Best Ways To Build Relationships With Colleagues

Having good relationships with colleagues at work is a part of professional success. Almost all employees work in teams and should have healthy relationships to achieve significant results at work. Even if you’re an individual, you probably don’t want your colleagues to avoid you at the office.

If you want to develop great relationships with your colleagues but don’t know where to start, look no further. The top recommendations in the post will help you create great relationships with other employees at work.

Develop Communication Skills

In case you don’t have excellent communication skills, you shouldn’t worry about it. All that you need is some time to enhance them. Feel free to read articles and watch video courses on how to communicate with other people.

Remember, non-verbal communication also matters. Therefore, you should learn how to behave while talking to other people.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to learn the theory. You need to practice a lot to develop your communication skills. Thereupon, you need to overcome your fear and start communicating with strangers. It will help you enlarge the number of your connections, which can positively affect your professional growth.

Take Care of Your Appearance

Note, it’s vital to look good if you want to expand your network and develop great relationships with colleagues at work. You need to have a good haircut, stylish clothes, and clean shoes. It will affect the way people perceive you.

Pick Right Time

Don’t interrupt your colleagues to discuss the latest news. It will irritate them. Note, all people have to do particular tasks at work. They need to stay focused on their tasks to achieve great results.

Consequently, you need to choose the right time to develop relationships with your colleagues. The best period to talk to your coworkers is lunch.

Also, don’t lose the opportunity to talk to your colleagues during coffee breaks. Feel free to bring the best Colombian coffee beans and treat your coworkers with tasty drinks.

Be Grateful

Never leave any help without attention. To maintain healthy relationships with your partners, always share thank you notes. Also, never miss a chance to pay tribute to your mate personally.

Offer Help

If you want to make a lot of friends at work and develop relationships with your colleagues, don’t refuse any requests for help. Also, don’t forget to offer your partners help if you notice that they experience any problems. They will highly appreciate your assistance and will always keep good relationships with you. If you’re a real expert in a particular niche, a lot of people will ask for your recommendation.

Be Consistent and Trustworthy

Never lie to your coworkers, chasing your goal to build relationships with colleagues. In case you tell your partner that a project will be ready due to a particular deadline, do your best not to miss the deadline.

If you’re not able to complete the project on time, inform your coworkers right when you realize it. Remember, your colleagues build their schedules, taking into account your promises. Therefore, try not to fail them.

Ask for Recommendations

One of the top ways to develop good relationships is to ask for recommendations. Note, you shouldn’t ask silly questions like, “What time is it?” or “Hey, is it cold outside?”. We live in the digital era. Everyone can discover the time or weather within a few taps on a smartphone.

You need to ask for recommendations to show that you need a piece of advice from an experienced person. It is a sort of compliment that your colleagues will highly appreciate. However, don’t overuse this tactic.

Find Common Interests

Common interests are a reliable way to build relationships with your coworkers. Most people have other addictions than work. Feel free to explore social media and talk to your colleagues to find similar interests that can become a unifying factor.

If you like baseball, just like other people in your office, offer them to play a game on Sunday or invite your coworkers to watch a new season somewhere together.

Respect All Employees

Sometimes employees who work hard think that they’re the only ones who do something essential and generate profits. However, even if you’re the most hard-working person in your office, appreciate all employees’ work.

You don’t know the tasks of other workers and their goals to achieve. Therefore, try not to blame others when they don’t meet your expectations. Acting attentive to every worker in your firm, you will develop healthy relationships with no hassle.

Bonus Recommendation

In case you want to be a good part of your office community and have great relationships with your coworkers, try always to stay positive and avoid gossip. When the lie becomes revealed, you will lose all warn relationships with your colleagues.