8 Amusing Ways to Relax and De-Stress

Between work duties, family obligations, and numerous other commitments, our lives have never been so busy, and our daily routines so exhausting. To succeed in carrying out all these responsibilities, it’s essential that we take some time for ourselves to unwind and relieve the stress that builds up day after day.

Doing so not only allows us to escape our own minds and entertain our natural curiosity, but it also enables us to become happier and more productive individuals. 

In that spirit, let’s look at 8 easy, fun, and creative ways you can take the edge off after a long day at the office! They’re also tech-free for the most part.

1. Hang Out in a Hammock Chair

Could anything be more relaxing than the smooth back-and-forth rocking of a hammock chair? Whether it’s on your outdoor patio or in your living room, getting into one of these instantly ignites a spark of comfiness and relaxation. If you’ve ever wondered why that’s the case, it’s because they mimic the feeling of being cradled, taking us back to our sweet early childhood.

2. Treat Yourself

There’s no denying that our routines can take a toll on our health. Between periodic migraines and back problems, working can be as gratifying as it is harmful. As such, treating yourself to a nice massage is bound to take some pressure off.

Alternatively, hopping into a sauna or a hot tub can help relieve pain and is great for those with muscle soreness, all thanks to the natural healing properties of heat. Do some research on how these can remedy common stress-induced problems, and you might just become an aficionado!

3. Get Crafty

Once you’ve recouped physically, taking on a manual project is a formidable way to exercise your creativity while relieving stress. Choose whatever suits you; it can be anything from car repair, a DIY home project, or even a cooking or baking activity.

Crafting something with your own hands is not just incredibly self-rewarding, it helps sharpen your dexterity and problem-solving skills as well.

4. Unleash Your Inner Artist

Everybody has the potential for artistic creation. Drawing, painting, writing, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, to name only a few, resonate with all of us. Now, regardless of how bad you think you are at them, engaging in these creative activities can be a great way to de-stress and escape the boundaries of your mind. You never know, you might turn out to be a real virtuoso!

5. Spend Time With a Pet

Aside from being super fluffy and cute, household pets are notoriously great companions for relaxation. In fact, the simple act of petting a cat, dog, rabbit, or any tamed animal has been scientifically proven to release hormones that promote joyfulness and enhance mental well-being.

No pet at home? No worries! You’re guaranteed to find a friend who will happily let you hang out with his or her own.

6. Try Aromatherapy

Essential oils are Mother Nature’s best anxiolytics. A number of these powerful oils including lavender, frankincense, bergamot, and ylang-ylang are well known for their therapeutic attributes in reducing stress, mood stimulation, and improving Zen.

For aromatherapy enthusiasts, it’s a great idea to purchase a kit consisting of a diffuser and an essential oils set. Don’t hesitate to try different combinations to match your taste and discover unique smells. You’ll be welcomed by a great-smelling home every day!

7. Watch Stand-Up Comedy

It’s often said that laughter is the best remedy. In fact, routine life doesn’t give us much to laugh about (except perhaps our financial situations at the end of the month), so we find comfort and pleasure in laughing at other people’s jokes, anecdotes, and quirky stories.

Watching stand-up shows is better with family or friends, to share in the laughter and feel alive. However, it’s best to watch them perform live, if possible.

8. Read Your Favorite Comic Book

Last but not least, rekindling with your favorite characters from your favorite childhood comic books is bound to bring up all sorts of emotions; nostalgia, amusement, and bliss. It will help reconnect you with your inner child and make you appreciate things you once loved, but might have even forgotten as you grew up. Take this opportunity to show your kids what entertainment was made back in the day!

Ultimately, there are a million and one ways you can relax and take a break from your busy, hard-working lives. The key lies in identifying your preferences; whether it’s something that keeps you active and helps you get rid of aches and pains, or if you just prefer to lie down on your couch, put on your headphones, and listen to meditative music in peace. In any case, we hope you enjoy it!