Ways To Relax & Treat Yourself After A Long Week Of Work

Working takes up a lot of your time, energy, and mental capacity on any given day. Having long weeks at work can often make you feel tired and overwhelmed by the time the weekend rolls around.

It’s important that you disconnect and give yourself some time for rest and relaxation so you can recharge and regroup before Monday arrives. Review some of the ways you can relax and treat yourself after a long week of work so you can reduce any stress you’re experiencing and feel your best.

Take A Nap

Don’t be afraid to put your feet up or curl up on the couch and take a nap after a long week of work. You might also want to consider putting up a hammock in your backyard and sleeping outside for a bit when the weather is pleasant.

If you feel tired and sluggish then recognize this and give your mind and body the break it needs from thinking and doing. A short nap may be all you need to get back to feeling like yourself again and having more energy. Even if you can’t or don’t fall asleep, resting and closing your eyes for a few minutes will make you feel great and help you refresh.

Play Games

Games are an excellent way to relax and have some fun. There are many different options to choose from depending upon your interests and what you find most appealing. For instance, you can bring out a few board games, play video games, or get some custom playing cards to have around the house when you feel like starting a card game with others.

Playing games is a great way to take your mind off of your work tasks and to-do list for a while and enjoy your time off. Games are relaxing, enjoyable, and you’ll soon notice that you’re not thinking about work at all but are engaged in what you’re playing at the time.

Have A Spa Day

You can relax and treat yourself after a long week of work by having a spa day. You can either choose to go to a spa in the area and know what to expect at the spa to ensure maximum relaxation or indulge in some related activities at home. A massage might be a good reason to leave your home but it’ll also be relaxing to stay in and take a warm bubble bath if you don’t feel like going out.

You’ll love being pampered and will feel better when you focus on self-care and doing what makes you feel calm and at ease. A spa day will help you reduce stress, relieve pain, create smooth and healthy skin, and enhance your sleep.

Read A Good Book

Another activity you may want to do when you have some free time is to read a good book. Reading is a great way to distract yourself and take your mind off of thinking about work. It may help to find a quiet place in your home where you won’t be bothered and can truly get lost in some interesting reading material.

Treat yourself by making your favorite snack or a warm cup of tea as you read and relax in the comfort of your home. Reading prevents cognitive decline as you age and will aid in sleep readiness if you do so before bed.

Listen to Music

Listening to the right type of music will quickly relax you and you’ll find it to be an enjoyable activity to do after a long week of work. Choose songs that put you in the right frame of mind and get you thinking about something else besides your responsibilities and to-do list so you can relieve stress.

Music has a way of calming a racing mind and provides you with the opportunity to transform your current state and slip into a feeling of deep relaxation. If you’re feeling more upbeat or want to go out for a run then you might want to pick songs with a bit more rhythm and that will keep you motivated to move and burn more calories.

Meditate & Reflect

Sometimes all you need to get yourself to relax is to listen to a guided meditation. Meditating is a beneficial way to relax and treat yourself after a long week of work and can effectively alter how you’re feeling and ensure you are happier and calmer when you’re finished.

Take some time to meditate and also reflect upon your situation and future. Think about your goals and what you’ve achieved so far in life and where you see yourself heading as time passes. Visualize how you want your life to play out and the accomplishments you want to achieve yet so you can turn your dreams into a reality.

Go for A Walk in Nature

Spend time in nature if you want to relax and treat yourself after a long week of work. The fresh air and beautiful sights that surround you will rapidly put you in a better mood and lift your spirits. You’ll likely return home from your nature walk with a more positive outlook and attitude. It’s a chance to relieve any stress you’re feeling and reconnect with yourself and your inner being.

There may be thoughts or matters going through your head you didn’t realize were bothering you until you step out into the outdoors and give yourself a chance to clear your mind.

Spend Time with Family or Friends

Relax and treat yourself after a long week of work by spending quality time with family or friends. Meet up for a cup of coffee or a tasty meal and have fun reminiscing, conversing, and making each other laugh.  If you can’t get together physically then consider picking up the phone to have a conversation with those you care about.

Reconnect with people you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while and catch up on what’s occurring in each of your lives, then consider planning a vacation to create new memories and experiences together. It’s important to build and maintain healthy relationships in your life and not always be consumed by work and household responsibilities.

Engage in A Hobby You Enjoy

Another idea and way to relax after a long week of work are to engage in a hobby you enjoy doing. For example, maybe you like to take pictures and brush up on your photography skills or build items that you can use and display around your house.

Consider watching videos online and teaching yourself a new skill if you’re in the mood and want to challenge yourself. Hobbies can be a quite rewarding way to spend your free days or time and you may discover there are activities you never knew were enjoyable and are able to put a smile on your face.


You now have some ideas for what you can do to relax and treat yourself after a long week of work so you can make sure you feel ready to go back to your job once the time comes. You must give yourself this opportunity and chance to stop thinking about your usual tasks and responsibilities for a little while and have a nice time engaging in some activities that put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy life a bit.

Some days you may feel more social and want to be with others while other times you might want to use your free time as a chance to relax by yourself and regroup solo. There is no right or wrong when it comes to which of these options you choose to do, all that matters is that you take good care of yourself and have more work-life balance.