The Pros and Cons of a Rented House for Students

Students flock to their local letting agency to find a new house every year. It’s a case of finding the best house for the least amount of money. Student houses are often more affordable than university accommodation. You can save money on rent and spend more money on the university experience. However, there are also major disadvantages of student housing – including privacy issues and content damages.

Here are the pros and cons of student houses.

Pro: You can live with your friends

If you have a group of friends, you could share a student house together. You can each have your own room and a shared bathroom, kitchen and living area. You can cook, hang out and spend quality time together throughout the term. Throw a few house parties with your friends, and make the most out of student living.

Con: Lack of privacy

You may not have a lock on the door of your room. Your housemates could walk in and out of your room when you’re not home. Shared housing might not be the best option if you like your own space – or don’t know the people you’re living with. Take out tenants’ insurance to protect your belongings in rented accommodation.

Pro: You’re not tied to long term contracts

Student housing is specifically designed for, well, students. Student letting agencies typically offer one-year contracts to cover a full year of your studies. You can move to a different house at the end of the year, or ask to extend the contract. You don’t need to worry about any long term ties to the house.

Con: Bills can be higher

Student bills can often be much higher than regular housing. Student letting agencies often offer an all-inclusive package so you can pay rent and bills in one sum. You don’t need to worry about fluctuating bills or turning on the heating when you’re cold.

Pro: It’s cheaper

University accommodation can be extremely expensive. After your first year of university, you may want to find somewhere more affordable. Many universities offer newly built halls of residence with en-suite rooms and modern kitchens. An older shared student house can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Con: Older houses

Student houses can be a little grotty. Many students don’t look after their accommodation, and the houses tend to wear very quickly. Student homes are far from luxurious, between house parties and mountains of washing up. Have a look around a few student houses and find the best one for you and your friends. You can always invest in some hardcore cleaning supplies to freshen up.

Make the most out of the university experience with a shared home.