Step-by-Step Guide to Restore A Fading Car

Having a car that has faded paint is quite normal and natural. You just have to take a single look at any parking lot and tons of such vehicles can be found. The reason behind the washed-out look can be anything. From sun exposure to cheap paint, the reasons are varied. So, if you’re looking for ways and tricks to repair a fading car then this piece would be very helpful.

Without wasting any more time let’s drive straight into some of the common reasons and issues behind the fading paint of your precious car. Don’t worry! We will also discuss tips and guidelines to restore your automobile. Tighten your seatbelts, here we go.

Reasons and Causes Behind Fading Car Paint

When they say that cars nowadays don’t perform as well as they did before, then there’s some truth to it. But it always had been a two-way street. Back in the 60s and 70s, people used to regularly wax their cars to save them from sunlight and other kinds of external mishaps. It was commonplace for people to take care of them on the weekends. Now the scenario has completely changed.

One more difference that anyone can notice is that back in the day, cars and trucks were manufactured keeping the rough use and abuse in mind. It would take several days to finish the manufacturing of a single one. Now, with advanced machinery and what-not, it takes 16-18 hours to complete the process. Notice the difference!

Nowadays, most companies paint their cars with a single coat finish. This depreciation of quality has severely impacted today’s modern cars. Now let us discuss the sources and main causes behind this. Also, for all the new drivers, the importance of car service and mot cannot be emphasized enough.


This one is the most understandable and popular opinion behind the fading of a car’s paint. Direct sunlight and UV radiation are very harmful. Just like with us humans, sunlight and UV rays equally impacts the car paint and break it down. A flat surface like a hood and roof becomes the hotspot of it.

Corrosion & Road Salt

This point is especially applicable to all those folks who live nearby the salty ocean & beach areas, along with those who have icy and snowy backgrounds. When ice melts, it leaves salt behind. This leads to corrosion. Corrosion eats your car’s coat and slowly fades it.


This is one of the most essential points as you can easily avoid this. You have to get the right kind of cleaners and soaps while cleaning and taking care of your car. Household dishwashers, soaps, and detergents are an absolute no-no. Also, while cleaning the debris, it is important not to use excessive force as it can leave scratches and marks behind.


You must be thinking what about birds? Well, bird droppings are one of the most common irritants among all car owners. Not only are they painful while scraping it off, but they also have acidic compounds that can chip the paint away. So, cover your beauties right away!


Pollution may seem like a normal phenomenon but things like smog, acid rain, bad AQI effects your vehicles. It has harmful components that can easily destroy your car’s paint surface

Lack of Care

To all the lazy owners, I’m side-eyeing you. Your car deserves attention and care and if you don’t provide that, it is natural that the shine of your car fades away. So, don’t do that to your car.

How to Fix Fading Car Paint

You must be thinking that if your car paint is fading, the solution is to get the paint redone, right? Well, no. Not every faded car needs a repaint as the problem can be resolved by following a few simple steps below.

Steps to Repair Faded Car Paint

This method will surely work if the condition of your car is such that you can bring its shine back. It means that if the surface of the car is in good shape, we can bring it back to life with the below-mentioned process.

Step 1: Collecting the Necessary Supplies

Your first step would be to gather the needed supplies. Let’s start off the list with simple things like:

– Microfiber pads for cleaning.
– Water buckets.
– Car buffing supplies along with buffing pads.
– Car washing supplies.
– Protection materials like car wax/polish/sealent, etc.

Step 2: Washing the Car

The next step would be to thoroughly wash your car. Don’t forget to properly wash all those areas that you’re going to fix. So, all the faded areas have to be washed properly with water. But careful! Don’t be too harsh.

Step 3: Debris Removal

Next, you have to carefully clean the surface of the car. It is vital to make the paint surface debris-free. Use a clay bar for this purpose. Make sure that it is not a cheap one as it can ruin the whole process.

Step 4: Buffing the Car Out

Here comes the last and make-or-break part of the whole thing. Remember that you cannot directly jump to this part. You have to follow the above process of cleaning and washing. Remember never to keep your buffing pad on the ground. It would make the pad dirty and dusty.

Get your buffing pad and properly soak it in water. Personally, I would recommend electric buffing equipment. Anyways, apply the buffing product on the surface that needs fixing. Get ready for buffing the needed area at least two to three times. Lastly, clean the area with fresh water and inspect the surface. You will notice the difference. That’s not it. You will have to apply a final buff to the surface and then you’re done.

Tips to Maintain Car Paint

We get that it is quite painful to fork hard-earned money on something that is going to happen anyways but that’s not true. With just the littlest of your effort, you can delay this process by many years. So, try to follow the below-mentioned preventive steps.


Always make sure that whenever you park your car, it is in the covered area. Covered parking becomes necessary as you have to avoid direct sunlight and UV radiation from affecting your car.


If you want your four-wheeler to look shiny and brand new, then waxing becomes a must. The frequency can vary from every three to four months. You will see the difference yourself. Also, it doesn’t matter what kind of wax you’re using, the regularity of it is what matters.

Car Wash

Washing your car on a regular basis can itself earn you some brownie points because this single-handedly helps in protecting and preserving the car paint. Micro-dirt is one of the chief causes of your car’s faded paint. Mico-dirt accumulates on the car surface if you don’t wash it frequently. You can do this mate!

Now, you don’t have any reasons for complaining about the fading beauty of your car. It is a fact that a car needs your devotion and effort for it to look ravishing and evergreen. So, for all the procrastinating folks out there, you will surely find this piece useful. Keep looking at this space for more. Till next time!