How To Pick The Right Slot Games Online

Some people seem to have the best luck when it comes to choosing winning slot games. Or, is it more than that and they are aware of a few things you might not be? At least not yet. Keep reading for the top ways to spot a game worth playing the next time you visit the online casino Midas.

Look for Games with High RTP

This knowledge is becoming very widespread with forums dedicated to pointing out the slots with the best returns. Every slot game has something called a Return to Player percentage or RTP for short. Basically what this is, is how much the game can give to players out of its overall earnings.

So, the higher that rate, the more of the money that goes into the game can be paid back out. Typically, most online slots have at least an RTP of 95%, but you can even find games that exceed 98% although these are much rarer.

This information may not always be listed on the casino’s slot pages because then all games won’t have equal chances of getting noticed. However, the developers often release this number and if you know where to look you can easily gain access to this. In addition to tons of other information about popular games.

Slot Variance

You’ve probably heard the terms in slots of them running “hot” or “loose” games. Basically what this is referring to is the slot variance or volatility. Which is how likely a game is to reveal winning combinations.

Based on its history, naturally, slot games with smaller jackpots will tend to pay out much more often which is why these jackpots don’t get the chance to build up to millions like others. Games that pay out more frequently are known as low variance games. Whereas high variance slots pay out much less frequently but when they do, you can expect enormous wins.

You can take your chances with any game, but some are better than others depending on how often you play. Which makes it something important to consider when choosing. For instance, if you have a small bankroll, you may want to play more low variance games so you can possibly see a return much faster.

Features of the Game

Slot games are more than just random number generators and simple gameplay. At least, not the games of today which come with a ton of different features. Of course, this varies from game to game as well and is dependent on the symbols, reels, and pay lines. For example, scatters, bonus symbols, free spins, multipliers, and more. This is what differentiates slot games from each other and it’s also what makes some more interesting than others.

Of course, this can also get confusing for some players who are new to slots. Therefore, at times the newest and most sophisticated games aren’t for everyone. Some players actually prefer the games to be simple. So, check out different titles and which features they have before you make your decision.