3 Worldwide Road Trip Hotspots For Architecture Lovers

Driving has been shown to help people think more clearly and sleep better, showing the benefits of taking a road trip. You may be feeling tired of the same old vacations and feel like trying something different, so why not visit some of the best landmarks across the world? Be sure to research the traffic laws and culture before visiting some of these iconic countries to take in the architecture and scenery.

1. Classic California Road Trip

Make sure you make time for a trip across California’s Route 1, a route recommended as one of the best across the US. As the drive is around 500 miles long, make sure you time a couple of overnight stays. Begin your trip in San Francisco, the windy city, home to many architectural attractions, including Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge.

Hit the road towards Monterey Bay, and pay a visit to the Aquarium or sample some of the tasty seafood on offer at one of the many restaurants. Travel from Carmel to the Big Sur, and pull over on the 260 feet tall Bixby Bridge to admire the complex building work and picturesque views.

2. New South Wales Adventures

Australia is a fantastic architectural road trip territory, and the drive around New South Wales is ideal for photo opportunities. Head towards Palm Beach to take a walking trail and admire the Barrenjoey Lighthouse built in 1881.

Ensure that you stop off at the major attractions, such as the Sydney Opera House and Aspire Tower. Ensure you choose a vehicle that can withstand the windy roads on the Pacific Coast Drive if you want to admire the beautiful views. Check your tires, windscreen wipers, fuel and oil to avoid being stranded on the road.

3. Admire The Views In Italy

Exposure to natural environments is beneficial to mental health, particularly when there is some beautiful scenery to look at. The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular road trip hotspots, and for good reason. Visit the 13th century-built Villa Rufolo to admire some of the Sicilian and Norman architecture, or stop off at the beautiful Luna Convento to have lunch in the hotel restaurant.

Take your trip around April or May, and go early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Due to the sweeping corners, motor homes are not allowed, so rent a car to experience the best of the views.

A road trip can bring a little something different to your annual vacation. Hire a car or SUV to take your trip and make some memories with your family.