5 Importance Of Running And Jogging

Exercise is important to everyday life. It is integral in multiple aspects and there are so many benefits you find in simply being more active. 

Here are a few reasons to consider why running and jogging is so important. Maybe you’ll find a reason to start or just needed a small boost to continue your active routine.


The most important reason for running is the multitude of health benefits you’ll see from being more active. Even if you only go run for 30 minutes a day, you’ll see the benefits almost instantaneously. Not to mention, the long term effects of running.

Things like heart health, involving lowering cholesterol and maintaining blood sugar levels to improve insulin sensitivity to help manage for those with diabetes. Your metabolism will improve, helping foods break down into nutrients. This translates into better weight and diet management. 

Your cardio will get better, you won’t be huffing and puffing climbing up a flight of steps any longer, or missing that bus if you have to make a run for it. Running has shown positive correlations with other factors in life like making smarter health and lifestyle choices, even having your appearance look younger. All of this leads to positively extending your lifespan.


Running can have a positive effect on your mood, releasing chemicals to the brain and give you a more positive feeling. This means in addition to physical health, your mental health sees a positive boost as well.  More exercise means more oxygen being pumped to different parts of the body, including the brain.  

Your brain is then able to see improvements in areas like concentration and focus, while there have been links to improved ability to take in information, be more creative and faster problem solving as well. With a new running regime, people find their self-esteem and confidence increase as well. Your overall feeling will see a positive impact the more you run on a structured schedule.  

Helping Set Goals

In relation to happiness, and how running has improved aspects like the ability to focus and concentrate more, this can also translate professionally and personally. As a runner, you’ll set goals to achieve, both consciously and subconsciously. You may have target times and distances you want to achieve or you may just keep track mentally of how well you perform during your runs.

Once you hit certain physical goals, you begin finding yourself trying to beat them and outperform yourself even. Make sure to find out more to have the right shoes, with the tips from experts, to go along with your new outlook and mentality, and to go with your active lifestyle.

This drive and perseverance undoubtedly come to light in your daily life. You’ll find yourself becoming more goal-oriented and driven not just when it comes to your physical goals, but your work and personal lives as well.

The Human Connection

As human beings, we are social animals. An underrated aspect of running that many don’t consider, or give even a second thought, is the social aspect. Yes, running and jogging can be seen primarily as a solo activity. The sport is generally for individuals. But what many don’t consider is the community out there.

There are many runners or running groups that are always willing to help and talk about things like their diets, routines, routes, give helpful tips, or generally just talk about anything if you do a quick search for anything you may be interested in finding out more about. It’s not very difficult to get others involved too, once they see how active you are being. 

Running is something you can do with friends or family, and you can move at your own pace. Of course, I’m sure you’ve made a silent connection on your routes, by simply acknowledging that passing running as you cross paths.

Even if you run solo, your personal relationships will benefit as you find yourself a much more relaxed person. And not to delve too deeply into the topic, but there have been studies showing the improved sex lives of runners.  

Having Fun

Naturally, running, like most forms of exercise, release endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are a natural “drug” that can make you feel more awake and energetic. These endorphins kick in during and after your run, and they can lift and raise your mood. This is known as runner’s high.”

After you get into a routine, missing a day of running can lower your spirits and make you crave that run once again. It’s also a reminder for us to take time out of our day and enjoy ourselves, not taking life as seriously as we age, and allows us to breathe, focus, and think.  

Generally speaking, everyone has different needs and styles when it comes to having the right running shoes. May it be in basketball, soccer, or even track and field, and it is essential to have a checklist in mind before choosing the right one.

Not only will it save you time and effort, but it will enhance your physical wellness and strengthen your performance in doing sports. So keep running and be mindful of the above-mentioned tips.